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Blockbuster -

1. Dabangg - 2.51 Cr (Salman Khan)

    Opening - Bumper Opener

2. Dabangg 2 - 2.05 Cr (Salman Khan)

    Opening - Excellent Opener

3. Rowdy Rathore - 2.01 Cr (Akshay Kumar)

    Opening - Excellent Opener

4. Simmba - 1.98 Cr Approx (Ranveer Singh)

    Opening - Good Opener

Super Hit -

5. Singham Returns - 1.69 Cr (Ajay Devgn)

    Opening - Bumper Opener

6. Singham - 1.60 Cr (Ajay Devgn)

    Opening - Excellent Opener

Cop movies always perform good in india. And don't forget Dabangg generated 2nd best footfalls since 2002. And Dabangg 2 is a bad wom film but its generated 7th best footfalls since 2002 and cross 2 cr footfalls mark which is huge at that time.

* include those movies only where hero wears vardi khakhi dress.

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Because it look like to be a standard BHAI product


One 2 ka 4?

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Nobody is underestimating, max it could do 260-270crs in best case scenario as wom will be mixed..
If war crosses 270 then it would be tough for d3

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)
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The fact is it can actually turn out be the worst movie of Salman Khan in this decade is enough to not expect no. like Dabangg from it.

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)

No matter how bad it would be it would still be 10 times better than Race 3 that i can assure
The Character Chulbul Pandey is enough to assure it will be better than Race 3


You know people here want it to be something like AJ so if it turns out to be something like that, I'll prefer Race 3 over it.

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Bcoz of the director and current situation
It will fail that i know

answered by Assistant Director (53.2k points)
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in 2012 even if race 3 had released it would have been a blockbuster because bhai was at his peak but now thats not the case and dabbang was just 2 years old and still fresh among people

but now dabbang 3 is a stale film among some sections of the society so unless the wom is good it wont be a blockbuster

answered by Camera Operator (11.1k points)

maybe.....i think it had mixed wom....n i think most of Salman fans will agree also....anyways....it's a subjective thing so...


movies like dabbang 2 ce dhoom 3 happy new year bodyguard and rnbj did not have good wom but still were huge successes


Ce lol...........


CE & Dhoom-3 had good wom in general public ...

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Blame Dabangg makers bcoz they are not maintaining right buzz n hype.. in this case i strongly recommend Salman to follow Srk marketing style wen it comes to pre release buzz.... last Salman movie which had buzz hype was Ett n Sultan some extent.. Rest none movies had buzz.. Dabangg poster was so bad but idea was good by making 4 language in salman voice.. but poster teaser was utterly crap..

Hoping for good trailer in nov last week in 4 language in salman voice .. but before that they should release small teaser like ett in 4 language...

Agar trailer dabang1 jaisa nikla toh 350cr se niche koi predict nai karega.. but now even salman fans are not sure abt his content... expecting to be crap..

answered by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

They should follow WAR strategy. These days People don't remember too much. So Extensive promotion in Last 15 days is better idea. And the makers shouldn't reveal too much. A short teaser, A good trailer can do the job.


Last 15 days is best.. i say release trailer just 15 days before release wil be the best for maintaining buzz if trailer was good after one week chartbuster song for further buzz..
. Simba followed same strategy

War strategy was good but after trailer its buzz decreased due to gap..


Last 15-20 days aggressive promotion is the best strategy now. Hope Prabhu Deva doesn't mess around.

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I think nobody would underestimate it. I guess after the horrible second part and the fact that the part is being made by someone like PD, fans are also keeping their expectations in check. A solid trailer can change things very easily.

answered by Super-star (170k points)
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Because of PD and sonakshi.............

answered by Production Designer (12.8k points)

But film will cross 250 cr....................

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look if it becomes a big hit...... we will be the happiest to be proven wrong..... dil se khushi hogi....
but we also know.....

its director has only seen rejection since long

its producer is SKF who have excelled in makinng the worst movies in the world with lowest possible production quality......... with tubelight, race 3, bharat, hero , loveratri , notebook

its coming after back to back underperformers from salman khan....and negativity is at peak for him

it has seen the dullest promotions till date....with worst promotional strategy ever

its makers are so chilled out about this movie that it was supposed to be finished with its shooting in august .....and its october

its writer is the famous guy who wrote legendary dabangg 2 ,jai ho and veere di wedding ....even after dabangg 2 and jai ho ...he was still hired for it ......great

its looking like a been there done that kinda of viewing experience .....so thats why there is so less excitement

no one the world who has seen dabangg 2 would be excited for its sequel

it has SONAKSHI SINHA ..damn .....

we also know ....the reason to make this movie is to gather donation for being human fund.

answered by Super-star (166k points)
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I think People lost trust on Prabhu Deva after Horrible shit named Action Jackson. Salman can save it till 1st weekend only. After that it will run only only on Merit. And Good News will take good chunk of screen on 27th. So D3 need to be Decent at least to make it big.

answered by Editor (80.3k points)
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I think it's mainly because of Dabangg 2 which worked but the reviews were poor. Prabhu Deva is someone whom its difficult to have faith in otherwise if it was Rohit Shetty then the confidence amongst the audiences is there because masses trust him. However, let's look at the positive side of things which is the trailer which may give it a buzz if it's good. Not to mention, it's a mass action movie with Salman's name written all over it. So the chance of this film doing possibly 270 or 280cr is high if the film lives up its hype and expectation.

answered by Unit Manager (34.7k points)
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Unnecessary sequel......

Poor 2nd part...

Not so big name except Salman

answered by Assistant Director (51.8k points)
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Because it is going to be only a Blockbuster but not ATBB

answered by Editor (87.3k points)

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