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First Thing that pops up in mind after watching WAR that it has been deliberately made to prepare a stage for crossover.

With Cornell Rudra entering Tiger's universe as Shenoy sir is no more, we can get

Tiger in WAR crossover by merging Tiger and Kabir's universe. They can come together for a mission where both of them will work differently, there'll be tussels, ego clashes, faceoffs

As they can't accommodate each other, Tiger is brutal, sharp and powerful but follows government instructions though don't fear to tide against it, a true patriotic soldier.

While Kabir doesn't follow any rules and regulations, he's gone rogue, he's a betrayer , Mastermind, genius and Offcourse can manhandle any strong opponent , he's more dangerous now after losing his student khalid.

 we already have a COP universe with Singham, Simba and after ITS officer Sooryavanshi joining them, the stakes are alot higher, they will fight a far bigger opponent in SSS, which will be directed by one of the biggest Commercial director of Bollywood Rohit Shetty.

And who can forget the biggest brand till now DHOOM, with Salman showing no interest in it, SRK can steal the thunder. It's still a mystery who'll take forward DHOOM.

But excitement for this one will always remain high among general audience.

Rank the above 3 According to their potential and which one is the biggest among them all.

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Bro if Salman and HR actually come together (I don't think they will), and it looks like the movie is worth that pairing, then we can easily see 70+ opening day on holiday. Yes the potential to top BB2 footfalls is there. But the problem is, this will again be a glossy stylish action movie, and Bollywood does not have directors who can nail those type of movies. Even War for all it's hype won't go much past 2.5cr footfalls in best case too. But yeah, if you can get someone like A R Murugadoss to direct it, phir aag lag sakti hai.

Then coming to Dhoom 4, well it's still the biggest franchise in Bollywood, but D3 did weaken it a bit. Now SRK himself is also in a really bad phase. But all that movie needs to do is look excellent in promos, and it'll take huge initials at least. One interesting thing could be, just to make it a proper universe, bring in SRK as Don, not some random new thief. I know Don is mostly a multiplex franchise, but just that hype and excitement will see the movie go bonkers.

And the SRU (Shitty Remake Universe), well, that franchise has 2 things the other 2 do not. It has characters, not actors. See, you don't actually have fans of Tiger or Kabir, you have fans of Salman and HR, but with Singham people actually love that character. Of course Ajay is the reason, but that character is recognisable as being separate from his actor. Now Simmba didn't really get that type of fan following, but is Sooryavanshi manages to, then it wouldn't just be beloved actors coming together, but beloved characters coming together, and that is it's USP. The other thing is of course RS, he truly understands his audience and will be sure to make something that they really like. Here we don't have the drawback of not having a strong enough director.

My ranking potential wise:

RAW Universe
Cop Universe
Dhoom 4

and this can change, if Sooryavanshi (the character, not necessarily the movie), is loved by the audience.

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@mr.hola i agree.rcu has character which are beloved much like mcu not necessarily the actors(i am not saying that ajay and ranveer dosen't have fans but these character have much larger following) then there is Sooyravanshi coming which looks to be another big hit.


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It's hightime yrf should try a crossover too.
Salman demanding Sid/Emraan for race3 shows he's not uncomfortable in multistarrers and remuneration shouldn't be a problem looking at the recovery it can generate.

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then they need quality writers...and as far as we know YRF has the worst writers in the business...... all dhooms are written by TOH director.... war was very very poorly written....so was ETT jthj etc ....and their strings of flops during the course of 2010s decade.... other than salman khan movies and dhoom 3......
that'll be their biggest hurdle.....

whatever .... the layout you mentioned can actually be very very good..... the whole ... faceoff thing.... if they can make it engaging then obviously ... it'll be huge.... the biggest ever....
then there is dhoom 4 with srk ....which can be ginnormous .....

then in comparison the cop universe doesn't stand a chance to compete even at the 50% level of these giants....

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Is there any logic to give answers in this forum whatever the matter just khans and Hrithik will win no matter who cares if their will be option choose between Ranbir and ranveer the answer will come Salman or rest so basically people need to appreciate other guys work also they are also working hard so being a fan is good but not blind. If we making rice and pulse we need other things also like masala,water ,oil etc . So their is contribution from all's not only khans and Roshan common

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In this forum ? So what do you want to hear? You want to make a cinematic universe starring Salman and HR and another one starring Ranbir and Ranveer and claim the latter will be bigger and better?


See wt have i written ,I am not saying they are bigger ,just given a simple example .For yr kind information,. Kisi ki bejti krke dusre Ko bda dikho gooood, or Rahi bat Bina film bane hi wo logo ne dhamal macha Dia or hamne example Dia tho wo bi kharb Kamal h yr, sooryvanshi sabki band baja de agle sal TB ayega maja


Highest grosser of 2020 will be Laal Singh Chaddha. None else will come close. Sooryavanshi will be Akshay's first 200cr plus movie par saal ki sabse badi hit nahi banegi

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From the options you gave Dhoom is the biggest along with Tiger/Kabir RAW universe. The latter has lots of reasons in its favour which calls for a merger. I hope YRF plans it.

The RS cop universe is no match for the options listed above.

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It's all about the writing and script to handle these mulistarrer films in which none can't afford to make any mistakes due to pressure and audience expectations. I think the biggest can RAW universe but what I said I first my sentence is matters. It will be the biggest opener with Salman Khan & Hrithik Roshan which do twice as big as WAR due to their stardom.


There's no doubt that the Cop universe will be huge and I think it can potentially beat Chennai Express footfalls due to the star power from Ajay & Akki. Is Ranveer Singh even a star or a small star? I don't know but he's small in front of Ajay & Akki. Out these three, Ajay is more special attract mainly because of Iconic character Singham was memorable which is masses love it hence went to watch Simmba. Simmba character is something nobody is going even remember in fact nobody even cares about it. I don't if Sooryavanshi will be a memorable as far character goes for Akshay but it will maybe worth the hype.

This film like this can be the turning point of Rohit Shetty's career as a director. I don't know what's next after cop universe but he may have to think about casting Salman Khan in a solo movie. It's overdue already and people want it to happen.


I'm clueless about Dhoom 4. They really need to cast someone who's got some series star power to carry this film on its shoulders. I feel the only way this can work is to have Don & Dhoom crossover. If not then Hrithik may be a safe option even means repeat his character from the prequel.

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