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Source Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/akshaykumar/status/1179629976896720896
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Akshay Kumar has taken risks and I don't think he's afraid experimenting different roles no matter what the outcome is in terms of Box Office. He did that in Pad Man but he got praised for it. I don't know what to expect from Laxxmi Bomb but I can assure that he will nail this role with heart. So it will be genuine to give this man credit for trying a role which not many actors would do.

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Well I don't know whether it will work or not but I have to praise Akshay for having some gut to act as Transgender. Being an A Lister many won't agree to do such roles. Bravo Akshay.

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This is very gutsy to do being an A lister
So they are not keeping anything sercret since everyone knows about it just curious to know who will play the role of laxmi here

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I Doubt Hindi Film Audience In General And Masses In Particular Will Accept Akshay In Such Kind Of Role!

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It's the aatma of an eunuch that gets into him. It depends which actor will be playing the eunuch role as that was the sole USP of the original (Sharath Kumar) & remake (Sai Kumar).

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what is this?

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Pehle wo ghatiya postee aur ab ye first look. Kya bolna iss movie ki team ka.

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They're shooting for the climax so they released this pic to use the period of Navratri.

The first poster was a serious blunder. About this look, well they have to get the audience used to the idea of Akshay Kumar playing the role (even though the dubbed versions are frequently playing).

You don't get to see bigger stars playing such roles even though here it is the ghost of an eunuch possessing Akshay.

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This looks innovative but I dont know how well will this work with the audience in the North.

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Well so Akshay Kumar did it again , now a days this man trying so many different characters and this one is really bold,he deserve the appreciation for trying something like this because I don't think a Bollywood star of his stature try something like this before.

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Sab se maze ki baat Release date hi mention nahi ki na akki ne na Taran ne Bolo Radhe Radhe

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