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Actually No. Excel and AA films failed to create buzz for the movie. Releasing it on Hindi on 2nd October that too with a film like WAR was worst decision. SYE RAA should have release only in Telugu & Tamil. To release in other Language you need extensive promotion. Prabhas seems to be the master in this game.

Sye Raa shouldn't have released in Hindi.

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Well then they shouldn't have cleaned with War.

It's yrf, not chu rce that'll allow your too get screens easily.

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It has collected only 1.5 cr in those 1000 screens, war would have collected 5-6cr more with those screenings.
Wom seems good, so it'll grow and can emerge successful
Showcasing isn't an issue.

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yes bro another 2000 screens should have been given ,so that it could have made 5 cr and war would have got only 2k screens and opening number would have been 30cr...
that would have mafde you extremely happy..
right bro?

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It did not deserve to be released in Hindi in the first place. FH was in some sort of delusion that every South offering becomes a Bahubali.

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Film is good but clash has affected it. Could've easily got 2k screens with solo release.