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I dont think it will do less than 40 crores. Presently tiger is superhot in small towns and Hrithik will take care of bigger cities. So the combo is too deadly to not get a bumper opening. My bet is 45ish.

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I always expected that it would open around 40cr, not a record opening.

But the songs haven't made big impact and apparently it's not a great movie. So I expect that it will go below 40cr, which would indeed be disappointing. It should have been at 50cr.

And actually Joker doesn't have that much to do with it. If the marketing was done better, it would have opened 40cr+ regardless of Joker or Sye Ra.

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it "MUST NOT" open below 40cr....under any circumstances....... otherwise it will be the biggest underperforming movie of HR's career .... in terms of opening..... it will be even bigger underperformer than kaabil MD as far as opening is concerned if it opens below 40
it checks all the boxes....... each and every box for a bumper or historic opening

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People Are Expecting Minimum 50 Crs Opening Including Some Journalists/Trade Analyst

I Don't See That Happening

But I Do Expect 45 Crs Opening

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50 kam bol diya bhai. One even predicted that it can challenge Saaho day 1.


This Is Too Much Im Talking About Some Realistic Predictions

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Lol, Joker will be a washout in India if it clashes with War.

Now coming to opening day of War, anything below 40 will be a disappointment for sure.

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Expectations of trade and even most of us is of record opening, anything below 40cr will be one of the biggest upset of the year.

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Agar war ke business ko damage karegi to wo hai Sye Ra. fir bhi war 40 cr paar kar jayega.

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Will still be enough to cross the lifetime of your favorite actor's collections.

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Lets hope war be the first Hrithik mega blockbuster on stardom


Congrats. Your disciples loved your comment.


What Do You Mean On Stardom?

Hrithik Became An Overnight Star Which Means All His 9 Hits Including 5 Blockbusters Have Come On His Own Stardom!

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It will have a 40cr -- 45cr opening................

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I thought WAR will have solo release and it have release similar to dhoom3..
Expected 5k screens hindi and 500-600 in dubbed.
But first syraa and now thia joker..
So max it can release on 4200 screens..
This was the best opportunity for hrithik to give record day1,but some evil forces doesn't want it to happen

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