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Headache inducing.

  1. Overuse of punch dialogues. Sadly Sidharth couldn't mouth even a single dialogue perfectly.
  2. With all the build up, Riteish seems to have a one dimension character ergo routine template villain.
  3. Couldn't stand the songs or bgm. Infact bgm felt like straight out of Tamil film. Ofcourse Action straight out of any South film.
  4. Unnecessarily loud. Like Satyameva Jayate.

Once again, Sidharth really doesn't fit in these roles, nor he is even remotely trying. Even in Ek Villain he was no match to Riteish, considering Riteish himself didn't do anything commendable in that film post the initial reveal.


Bgm is of Viswasam I think.


I want to puke...


Yup Viswasam bgm it is.

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Looks like exactly the sort of movie that would be made by someone who stumbled onto success with an earlier masala movie.

Satyameva Jayate took a great opening only due to the song, the trailer and the holiday, but then it fell apart and ended up as a hit because price wasn't high. But here it looks like Milap is actually thinking of himself as some sort of massy director and has come up with this. Seems like every masala cliche has been stuffed here.

Sid also isn't good at dialogue delivery. His voice seems different than before but still not good enough. One thing is for sure though, even if it is a hit, Sid won't get much benefit. It's clear that everything about this movie is working to hold him up.

These type of movies do have an audience though. I'm bot sure how willing they will be to show up this time though.

At least we'll get a good music album if nothing else.

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The first thing I wanted to know after watching this is its budget. Apparently, SRK played dwarf after spending 270cr so this must be at least 100cr budget movie as Ritesh looked quite believable as dwarf.

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Hahahaha wtf did i just saw
Siddarth isn't a mass hero his Dialouge Delievery iss too weak
The dialouges themselves are cring worthy
Only saving grace could be Ritesh but his role doesn't seem that good as well

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The trailer was good as I was expecting but I'm not surprised to see Ek Villain vibes at all. It's very massy with plenty of action and dialogues in which of course is required for the film. Typically, the love story seems reminds me a bit of Ek Villain but what I do not like is that they just about revealed everything, for example, Tara supposedly dies in the film.

Another thing is Sidharth Malhotra although he looks good but his dialogue is cringeworthy in some parts of the trailer. Frankly, I think he will give decent performance but this film will belong to Ritesh Deshmukh who looks superb a dwarf. I mean it seems that he's done a good job getting into the skin the character. Tara Sutaria is alright whilst Rakul Preet is a hardly there which means her role will be small.

Anyhow, this film will be a Hit but the guy who will carry this movie is Ritesh Deshmukh. This will be Sidharth own Ek Villain where he will be overshadowed by Ritesh once again.

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I laughed through the trailer. Man...this is transported from those low life B grade movies of the early 90s. Anyways, Sid seems to be chewing his dialogues rather than saying them. The only saving grace is RD who looks in fine form and the music might be good too.

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No doubt Mithunda has won a national award but it doesn't change the fact that Mithunda & Dharmendra has done many b-grade action films in the last part of their career as a lead hero ...


Exactly Irdwhelp bro. That is what I meant. Not all, but quite a few movies of the 90s are pathetic.


@Intense bro almost every film of Mithunda as a lead hero except Agneepath in 90's were crap ...


Btw no need to explain to a person of tauji's stature ...
Its like apna sar deewar se maarna ..

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Trailer is good with plenty of action and mass dialogues. Could be a comeback hit for Sid. But he is average here. Ritesh is superb and will again overshadow Sid. Actresses look good. Music seems to be Blockbuster. Let's see how this turns out. Expecting 100 cr.

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Good Things


Bad Things


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Navel Queen Rakul?


Kadak Hai Yaar Super Se Upar Uska Role Short Tha Toh Miss Ho Gaya Woh Keval Navel Hi Nahi Har Cheez Ki Queen Hai

DDPD Mei Eak Wahi Thi Jo Achi Lagi Mujhe

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Hahaha what was that?

That Sidhharth guy is miserable. Totally miserable. He can't do such roles. I liked him in EK Villain but hes a clear misfit here.
What's with Ritesh? Terrible VFX. Everything terrible.

Flop/Disaster at the BO.

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All it needed few bed scenes just to be strictly for masses.

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Best Trailer Of This Year for me. Its Blockbuster at the box office. Great dialouge, trailer has many mass action scenes, good love story touch with revenge story also there. If songs clicks than 200 cr nett also possible. Special mention ritesh deshmukh look is very good and fantastic.

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Blockbuster at the Box Office.

Yeah right....................

Don't get too confident. It will be just a Hit. So wait and see what happens at the BO before jumping ahead. Ya heard !!!


Its my opinion. If you not agree with my opinion than don't comment below my answer. Each person has different opinion.


You can have your opinion about the trailer but in terms of BO, IT WON'T BE A BLOCKBUSTER only a small Hit like SS. So don't get too carried away unless a miracle happens when it releases.

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very average trailer..................

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