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in Box Office Discussions by Assistant Director (57.7k points)
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Ranbir Kapoor is already the bigger star of them all. If the bigger failures weren't there then his superstar status would be long affirmed. He is just couple of hits of away to justify that tag.

Ranveer has the edge among the rest due to bigger numbers. Varun is the consistent but he needs bigger numbers. Tiger well might go past him if WAR grosses huge.


Ranbir is the biggest among them, its true. And he needs to be, why? because first he is among the biggest dynast products in our country. He has been popular like a star since his debut. He was instant hit among girls. He is still most liked among them. His personality even well above par, only second to Hrithik Roshan. His class following only second to Aamir Khan. All he needs a better mass following, infact he just needs Brahmastra to perform expectdly among masses, which will be enough to cement his place along top stars.


I would add the main point. Ranbir is a terrific actor. So talent + all that you mentioned. It's not just about being a Kapoor. He showed promise, he gotta live upto it. Can't keep repeating the same wrong script choices again & again. For that matter, Brahmastra is risky venture. Not everybody can afford a Bombay Velvet & he is fighting back.

8 Answers

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Ayushmaan. If Bala also gets a hit tag, he will be considered a star, if not already.

by Star (156k points)
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There are no bridging superstars now... Ranbir kapoor ranveer Singh tiger shroff varun dhawan these are stars... And they will remain like this for until any of them gives at least 5 blockbusters....
Whoever out of these appear in real big movie will obviously get initial and huge lifetime.... Like Brahmastra 300cr budgeted... Hrithik vs Tiger 300cr budgeted.... 83 for ranveer Singh... That is ginormous movie...
Making a movie on your own.... A blockbuster.... Specially one with b grade looking production values.... Is the definition of superstar

Ranbir kapoor was the closest one... To achieve superstar status back in 2010.... During the days of anjana anjani and then he got second chance with yjhd .... But he went different route of pleasing critics....

by Super-star (161k points)
0 votes

These youngsters got a lot to learn and they just stars NOT superstars. Let them gives some Blockbusters even without their big brand like YRF, Dharma Productions and Nadiadwala Grandson. Some just give small Hits but whilst others are on a different standard in terms of success.

by Production Accountant (29.4k points)
0 votes

Varun Dhawan just have to get a big Blockbuster to become a big star

by Editor (81k points)
0 votes

Sushant Aditya Rajkumar Need Couple Of Big Solo Hits With Good Opening To Become Mini Stars

John Shahid Ayushman Karthik Vicky Need Couple Of Big Hits To Become Stars

Varun Tiger Need Couple Of Big Hits To Become Big Stars

Nobody Is Just Couple Of Big Hits Away To Become A Superstar
Ranbir And Ranveer Need 4-5 Big Hits To Become That

Hrithik Will Reaffirm His Superstar Status With War

Arjun And Siddhant Are On Verge Of Loosing Their Mini Star Status Unless Their Films This Year Becomes Hit

by Assistant Director (49k points)
edited by
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If Ranveer's next 3 (83, Jayeshbhai, Takht) are big hits, then he'll be termed a superstar. Of course Excellent openings are must as all 3 are super commerical movies, and a bumper opening won't hurt.

There is Ranbir too but once again Sanju will be more than 2 years old when Brahmastra is released, so he has wasted that opportunity. And then who knows what Shamshera is upto. And that Luv Ranjan movie keeps getting delayed. I think he'll suffer big time in the coming years. In fact I can see him following Salman's career path. Initially he'll spend many years in and out of good and bad phases. He'll keep screwing up the chances he's getting. In time his body will go from boyish to more bulked up, and then he'll finally fulfil his potential decades after debut. Until then it's Ranveer's time at the top. One more common thing, both Ranbir and Salman became bald very early too.

by Assistant Director (58.5k points)

You just didn't compare Ranbir to Salman ohh wait you just did
And what is with bulking up Ranbir is and always will be Disaster in a Mass role we all saw that in Besharam


Well I didn't say it's a direct match, but in broad strokes I think they'll be the same.

Remember, even though Salman did have some success in action before, he was not considered an action hero until Wanted, which was 20 years after his debut. Until then he was known for romance and comedy roles. And I think that we will see that type for resurgence for Ranbir around the end of next decade. He's already been in the industry for 12 years, and will complete 13 years by the time his next releases.


He was always liked in the action image its just that he wasn't doing those action movies
Whereas Ranbir has never done action so far apart from Besharam and we all know how that turned out
Ranbir in a Mass Hero film would be Nightmare

–2 votes

I think ranbir and ranveer need one BB to become superstars.

by Camera Operator (8.1k points)
–2 votes

Ranveer Singh, Ranbeer kapoor and tiger shroff....

by Location Scout (3.8k points)

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