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My favorite is Reynolds Racer Gel 1, it was my first ever pen which i bought after years of writing with pencil. It is my favorite to this date. I still try to find it in stationary shops, unfortunately it is very rare nowadays.

Which one is your favourite and also which one is your first.
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Uniball or rs 3 use and throw.


These two is what i used my entire Engineering & MBA.

High School was all this,

First used pen was obviously, don't remember why I chewed off the cap though.


The best pen ever made.

Break my heart when they changed to Rorito. Though its back again but with some curvy cap. Ugh. we lost a legend.

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My 1st Pen

My Favourite Pens

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Ab Ball Pen Hi Use Karta Hun, Kai Saal Beet Gaye Gel Pen Use Kare Bcz Mostly Exams Waley Ball Pen Use Karne Ko Bolte Hain

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whichever pen shah endorses

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Amit Shah or Owais Shah?

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First time i used pen was in 5th it was a huge switch from pencil to pen
First pen i used was gel pen but uske nibs tut jate the lol
I also liked those local 10rs me 4 pen they were quite good as well

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im getting so old...... and im yet to use my pen..... it is so weird.....aur ab to is main se siyaaahi bhe khatam ho rahi hai ahista ahista.

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Not like any favourite but i have used this pen for most no. of years ..

This one too i use interchangebly ..

Btw i hate costly pens ...

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Pens never bothered me. Earlier I had a craze of using expensive pens but the same job is done by a 3rs pen. Currently I use that 3rs pen and it's incredible & it lasts so fookin long.

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Yeah 3rs pen rocks

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I love gel pens and ink pens too.

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