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Buzz not upto the mark rt now, chartbuster music missing.
Action genre might push opening beyond 40 but not 50.


In my circle, we hardly discuss Hindi films now.

Just going by the teaser & trailer, it should open well enough to challenge the all time opener tag.

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Yes it still can be an All time opener, buzz is definitely more than the likes of Race3/Dangal at the moment and those were 30cr openers on nonholiday.
Though Dangal buzzed at high level during release week due to incredible pre release reports.
Then comes Sanju and TZH, it was definitely bigger than those movies after the trailer but it's badly lacking good music, ghungroo is a downer and yrf is repeating same mistake after toh they need to release songs. Toh had a bad reception for trailer and music and it still opened to 45+, I expect the same for war considering trailer got far better response and also nett ATP will be more than toh.
At last A real Chartbuster can easily turn up the table and push it towards 55.
I still think 50+ is confirmed and it has legs to go beyond 55 if a Chartbuster song comes.

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I Think It Will Be A 45 Cr Opener, Record Opener Would Be Touch And Go!

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A few friends living in India are excited, but not too much, so buzz is average
All time opener? Nope. Just a decent one will do

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people overhype too much .Yes the buzz is huge yes the trailer is great but we are talking about bad promotion and clash

so many film release but we only have one 50cr opener

so at best 45cr for me

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Thats problem of bollywood they release trailer too early wch tends to low buzz prior to release time... 15 days before release is ideal time to release trailer to maintain right buzz created by trailer.. after 1 week release charbuster song for further buzz.. but nai bollywood believes in chut iyapa

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Buzz is really good..
And sinhle screens and b and c centres will take bumper opening for sure...
Only concern is promotions and clash...
Yrf has to release some song like dance faceoff which has to be extra ordinary..then the buzz will shootup to ek tha tiger level..
I feel it will definitely do 50cr easily nd challenge 55cr also if it hets 4800screens or similar to TOH..
Advance will tell where the film will end on day1

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Easily? You think its that easy to do 50cr? HR is not Aamir.


Enough @Intense, will talk after release

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FDFS jaane walo ka main nahi keh sakta per friends positive WOM ka wait kar rahe hai.

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IDK, I live elsewhere as an NRI so little do my family know. However, I can assure it will be a bumper opening. I'd say between 40 - 45cr and not to the mention the buzz is good as I expected so It has a chance to be a Blockbuster.

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Buzz is quite good and actually can be considered best of the year but here some fans have been so over protective that they are already taking measures for in case the movie fizzles out.
This film looks the biggest of the year and has the best release date so at minimum 200cr is assured plus Hrithik has the goodwill of S30 with him. With even average wom it should be in the top 3 grossers of the year till now. Rest depends on Sidhaart Anand. But, yes highest opening of the year is certain.

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Real promotion starts a week before release.... And in such a wide release... Even if they had not released a trailer .... This movie would still open to 40cr+
No one in the world would be 100% sure how big the buzz of this movie is...
It will only be known on the day before release... when final advance booking report comes out.... Which i guaranteed to be biggest or second biggest of all time.... As it has 7 day holiday extended weekend or week....
But first day ratio will obviously be low... As compared to thugs and even Bharat. But since its action.... It will open bigger than Bharat... 45cr if wom is mixed.... 55cr if WOM is excellent...
Either way... It will have a shot at biggest opening day ever and first 50cr net for Bollywood... Without any supposed "hype and buzz"...

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