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in Box Office Discussions by Costume designer (1.1k points)
50% Accept Rate

*PRDP (Prem Ratan Dhan Payo)

5 Answers

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bharat had low ticket rates.... below average to negative WOM..... and a worldcup cricket match from 2 pm shows..... and most single screens started playing the movie only from noon.... that a 50cr day 1 with TOH ticket rates and without cricket match. at least
as both TOH and bharat opened to 65% occupancy but the ticket rates , cost of single screens with cricket match hit it hard

by Star (157k points)

External factors and Wom r not considered just the figures matters otherwise there r many movies which missed bumper opening due to pre-Diwali or clashes. TOH had much worse wom than Bharat


and you should know ..that opening note does not mean the entire day..... i was talking about entire day ..... for your understanding as you compared the entire day number with PRDP....opening note means the first show in its entirety ...... that 65% opening range in terms of occupancy is bumper on such a wide release.


first show ra1 had historic opening....Don2 was better than ready, mnik was bumper but they considered first day...still they r not bumper....if movie released on fesitval holiday, first day first show is always better than normal working day...

+1 vote

i already argued many times with few salman fans on this topic...opening number of bharat is no is absolutely exaggerated by boi...41cr on opening holiday which falls on first day should be either record or should be max 5-10% less than earlier single day record....41cr of bharat was way below the mark of toh, which itself victim of bad wom least bharat has decent wom and did resonable business after first day unlike toh....

by Art Director (2.9k points)

Lol chancundhar is diwali next day is biggest holiday compare to partial holiday like Eid


what do u mean by big holiday....28 hours ka day hota hai kya....both are national holiday...leave it bharat 1st day collection with sanju, tzh 3rd day collection.....abcd box office ki pata nahi aur debate karte hai...

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In this decade there are only thee bumper openers

  1. Dangal- Amid cash crunch and no promotions despite being not so commercial opened to almost 30cr.

  2. TOH- Almost 50cr opening despite negative response for trailers, songs and promos...

  3. Dhoom 3- 30cr+ on a non holiday in 2013....... WOW

World's biggest star who can connect masses, classses, critics, NRI and Overseas.

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
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Bharat was said to be bumper with the first update (BOI) of the day.No question of whole first day

by Second Unit Director (74.9k points)
–1 vote

Eid is same like Moharram Holiday .Kya ukhar liya kal Best word of mouth movie and biggest and pan india star movie on Moharram only 14percent muslim in india how is going to be holiday release can u give me answer

by Location Scout (3.6k points)