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Wow wow Ab hoga Hungama tahelka machadega

15 Answers

+4 votes

Good Poster. Hope this film matches Wanted.

by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)
+3 votes

The BGM of Dabangg has a Separate fanbase
And is this Sudeep behind Salman in background.
Chulbul Pandey is one of the most popular portrayal of Megastar, hope it's worth the hype.
Regarding Salman he's looking totally badass MASS

by Assistant Director (40.4k points)
+3 votes

Faadu poster . I am expecting it to challenge TOH opening on nonholiday

by Production Designer (13k points)
+2 votes


by Assistant Director (44.7k points)
+2 votes

Ok then countdown begins
Lets hope prabhudeva does justice to CHULBUL PANDEY

by Assistant Director (47.6k points)
+2 votes

Looks good. Hope the teaser is on its way soon

by Star (150k points)
+2 votes

It's good. Enough said...................

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
+2 votes

Prabhu deva is perfect choice to direct Dabang 3.His kind of masala entertainer will surely suit Salman's Style.This will be treat for core bhai fans - Typical Mass Salman entertainer which they were craving since long time...
Swagat Nhi Zordar Swagat Hota Dabang Khan ka .....

by Producer (110k points)
+2 votes

Ab hoga asli Swag wala Swagat Chulbul Pandey ka ...

by Editor (87.2k points)
+2 votes

Ab ayega maza non holiday pe holiday Wali opening

by Production Accountant (26.1k points)
+1 vote

Aag la dega opening Day thugs ko 100 percent gayo ab Nonholiday me Holiday ka break karegi Dabbang 3

ago by Location Scout (3.6k points)
+1 vote

Swag se karo Bhai ka swagat. 10th Blockbuster loading this decade by one and only Megastar Salman Khan.

ago by Unit Manager (31.8k points)
+1 vote

We believe in the king of over the top filmmaking.... prabhu deva.....
.. Just check how he presents... A mere kick... To that rusted metal part... I mean its just an act that we all do so often ... Kicking whatever we see in front of us... While walking... Such a simple thing. Prabhu deva is the king

ago by Star (157k points)
–4 votes

It's just Dabangg 2 with number 3 instead of 2. Even colour pallette is same. -- --

by Mega Star (216k points)

Thats much better than being pathbreaking movie like zero

–5 votes

Same old copy paste like IT job.........

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)

You mean to say like sasta jack sparrow