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He has  been in the industry since 1991 which is almost 29 years now and he did not deliver HGOTY even once and probably has worst record amongst 90s stars even Govinda, Saif, chunky, sunil have that record to their names but our akki is totally deprived of it, His fans always compare him with the Mighty Khans who have Record book to their names. This year he has House full 4 on Diwali which is full on festive release and his fans won't have any excuse if he does not deliver HGOTY coz he is in his best phase right now, next year too he has many festive releases but if he did not succeed to give HGOTY next year too then his fans must admit he is small star in front of KHANS and festive release is just an excuse
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He gave highest opening after 5 years while supporting actor took 22 years megastardom


Salman gave HGOTY in 89 itself abb bol


Oo Chacha Oo Akshay will find it difficult to cross Salman's 1st lead hero movie MPK ... p

8 Answers

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In One Of BOI Archives They Clearly Mentioned That

HGOTY Is One Of The Most Important Criteria To Judge Magnitude Of A Star And They Also Said Let Alone Khans Other 90s Stars Like Sunny, Govinda Jackie, Anil, Sanjay Have Hgoty, Even Young Star Like Hrithik Has HGOTY Infact Most Of Them Have Multiple HGOTY But Akshay Does Not Has A Single HGOTY Which Is Hard To Believe

They Also Mentioned In Another Archive That

Its Not No. Of Hits But Size Of Grossers Which Determines Magnitude Of A Star

Salman Already Has 10 HGOTY, By Next Decade End Aamir Will Also Have 10 HGOTY, Srk Isnt In Form From Many Years Still He Already Has 5 HGOTY And Can Give Couple Of More HGOTY Till Retirement If He Gets Some Good Projects

But Then Akshay May Never Get An HGOTY In His Career Bcz His Box Office Pull In Terms Of Magnitude Is Less Compared To Other Stars And Competition Is Very Tough Even Apart From Khans There Are Younger Stars Like Hrithik Ranbir Ranveer Who Are Capable Of Giving Huge Grossers!

On A Side Note Not Just HGOTY Akshay Doesn't Has Other Major Box Office Benchmark Like Atbb Atg Hgotd Record Distributor Share, All Circuit Record Breaker etc As Well!

by Assistant Director (44.7k points)
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Well SRK has 6 HGOTY.

1993 Darr
1995 DDLJ
1998 KKHH
2002 Devdas
2004 VZ
2007 OSO

Missed grossers are (2nd) -

1997 DTPH
2000 M'tein
2001 K3G
2003 KHNH
2008 RNBDJ
2013 CE


Darr Wasnt HGOTY (It Was 3rd) In 1993 Aankhein (Atbb) Of Govinda Was Hgoty Followed By Blockbuster Khalnaayak, Atleast Check Facts

Moreover Hgoty Devdas (Hit) In 2002 Wasnt Biggest Hit Of The Year, It Was Blockbuster Raaz

2nd Highest Grosser Doesn't Has Any Value


Oops my mistake regarding 1993...

+2 votes

Well, it's not just him but Ajay Devgn as well. He has a chance to give HGOTY with Sooryavanshi, Laxmmi Bomb, Prithviraj Chauhan and Bachchan Pandey. Those are big movies with three releasing on festive period respectively. Expectation high for him but then again he has competition with Aamir Khan who's likely have HGOTY once again.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)
+1 vote

Why not..
Anything can happen like Kabir Singh is still the highest grosser this year unless War or Dabangg-3 if crosses it ...

by Editor (87.2k points)
+1 vote

There is a possibility of 2020. Could be that one of his movies (Sooryavanshi, Prithviraj) makes big money while the others (Laxmmi Bomb, Bachchan Pandey) restrict Salman and Aamir's movies, thus finally giving him HGOTY.

Of course for that to work, Sooryavanshi and Prithviraj have to be good, while the other two have to be good enough to restrict other movies. He also must not move from these festivals, which seems tough.

All of this is moot if Salman and Aamir deliver crap movies.

by Assistant Director (53.4k points)
+1 vote

2020 is his biggest chance. It could be his best year ever

by Star (150k points)
+1 vote

Maybe when he does a movie with Khans or Hrithik or Hirani

by Second Unit Director (74.9k points)
0 votes

HGOTY is Not Much Important Thing since Multiplex Era...
Today it is easy for BIG STAR to give HGOTY by Releasing on FESTIVALS ...Even BOI talks about HOLIDAY & NON HOLIDAY rlse they know the Importance of Festivals.
But Before MULTIPLEX era only Content Movies become HGOTY ..
You can See Salman Has only 5 HGOTY between 1988-2009 (20 Years) and 4 HGOTY as 1st Lead but between 2010-16 He has 4 HGOTY Only in 6-7 Years.
Same goes for Aamir,, He has 2 HGOTY between 1988-2007 (20 Years) but from 2008-2017 (10 Years) he has 5 HGOTY ..
Today giving HGOTY is easy for BIG STAR but 4cr 5cr Footfalls Impossible.
Before 2010s there are Many Big Star who has 4cr 5cr Footfalls movies but at That time HGOTY is not easy only CONTENT movies become HGOTY.
Only OPENING is the First & Last Criteria to judge the Stardom after that BIG GROSSERS.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)
–1 vote

If salman would have been outsider he would have been out very early he survived due to HAHK and KA and never had blockbuster on his own stardom before he became superstar after wanted.Akshay was greater than him in previous decade in hits and openings and bigger than him in 90's till salman became star with Judwaa

by Camera Operator (8.4k points) 1 flag

Oo chacha BOI in its article in 2001-02 called Ajay a bigger than Akshay who at that time wasn't able to cross even 20crs lifetime ..


Not 2001-02, In 2003

Till Mid 2000s Ajay>Akshay And Akshay Wasn't Even A Big Star

Q.Who is a bigger star Ajay Devgan or Akshay Kumar?

A. Ajay Devgan but there is not much in it. Both are yet to give that 20 crore grossing film but Ajay Devgan may be making big strides this year seeing the plum projects he has coming up.

Till Mid 2000 Decade Ajay Was Bigger Than Akshay

Q. Is Akshay Kumar in the big league?

A. No. He is yet to give a big grosser. His Andaaz is his first film to cross the 15 crore mark so he has a long way to go. Stars are judged by how much their film can gross.

Till Mid 2000 Decade Akshay Wasn't Even A Big Star


@Rancho bhai thank you for posting this ..
Even real Akahay fans won't be comparing him with Khans ..
But this shameless creature aka fake fan of Akshay comes with fake facts ..
This is a tight slap on his face ...


Bro Even Akshay Knows Reality Like Entire Trade Industry And Media But Ignorant People Like Him Wont Accept

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