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taran adarsh




IT'S OFFICIAL... Aamir Khan reverses his decision... Decides to work with director Subhash Kapoor in #Mogul... The Gulshan Kumar biopic will star Aamir in central role.

Komal Nahta




I’m so happy! What a brave decision #AamirKhan to work with #SubhashKapoor in #Mogul. This is the decision that was a must! Courts are the highest providers of justice and this step has all my support.

Who’s playing Gulshan Kumar?

I’m playing the role of Gulshanji. As regards the other casting, Subhashji will decide.

When does Mogul go on floors?

Well, right now I am fully into Laal Singh Chaddha. So, Mogul would be some time after that.

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Suhas.....Maybe u r right...taking a decision and then taking u-turn......

But still the reasoning Aamir gave for this....personally if u ask me ...I don;t find it...something which will make say that I will not support ur film or ur decision.....just bcos u r a public figure/image...u cannot do it....or why u took that decision in first place..

If the whole thing/issue is that u decided something and then u going back to that (u-turn)....
Yes- it can misfire (as u r a public figure) but is it Wrong? - For Me ...Maybe Not!!!


full reason and explanation given here in this interview:

And we are sad to know that Aamir's next 3 i.e forrest gump remake, vikram vedha and this you are not excited.


@Kashyap123 Laal Singh Chadha well it's only because of my love for Forrest Gump. You can understand.

Vikram Vedha remake, it's just that I couldn't imagine Aamir in any of those roles. If I give it more time to sync in then I might warm up to it.

This one, well more than movie, it is his stance. Expected a lot from him especially in these times.

  1. Okay

  2. Nobody including Aamir imagined playing a teen in 3 idiots, old wrestler in Dangal. He managed that and how!!!. Aamir has the history of pulling impossible roles. IF Madhavan can play a student in 3 idiots and a cop in Vikram vedha with ease, How can someone like Aamir be question?. It should be a cake walk for someone as big as Aamir( keeping comparison aside).

Read this again:

He has expressed what made him return to this project..

5 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer

Longing for the day to return when Salman and Aamir movies were hgoty one after another

by Second Unit Director (74.9k points)
selected by

2008-2017: 10 Back To Back HGOTY For Salmir
Insane Domination In Multiplex Era!


tzh is not hgoty friend no match to Megastar Prabhas Baahubali thrashing salman and he still hasn't cross weekend can he do that with dabangg 3 tough challenge for him


What abt sunny (keep what ever suffix you want in arnab style) films did he match even a single show of baahubali of your new found love in south megastar prabhas ...
Kitne aur chahiye ek SALMAN ke against huh ...

+2 votes

That's good news which I think will happen after Lal Singh Chadha. Look like I have to wait for another few years for Vedha Vikram remake announcement Hope he still does it with Saif Ali Khan.

by Production Accountant (22.1k points)

Hmm Want Aamir To Work With Saif In Vikram Vedha Remake
Either Mogul Or VV Can Come On 2021 Christmas!

+2 votes

Best day of this year!. What a news..... This film will thrash all cheap movies like saaho left and right...

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
+1 vote

Great news. Ab kaante ki takkar hai 2020 se.

by Star (150k points)
+1 vote

Lmao hahahaha what a drama queen.

by Mega Star (216k points)

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