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Akki has now booked all 3 major festivals for 2020.

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So EID, Diwali & X-Mas releases for Akshay Kumar then.


i mean what is the point to release in holiday and at the same time all your release will clash

i mean its not about akki most stars are obsessed with the holiday and they didnt learn till now what any good film can do solo without any holiday factor

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Prithviraj Chouhan another big project so now Akshay Kumar is moving from those small content films to full on commercial zone with all the leading production houses of Bollywood .his lineup is definitely the best with
1. Housefull 4 - Diwali 2019 (NGE)
2. Good news - Dec 2019 (Dharma)
3. Sooryavanshi - March 2020( Dharma)
4. Laxmi Bomb - May 2020 ( Home Production)
5. Prithviraj Chouhan- Diwali 2020 ( YRF)
6. Bachchan Pandey - X-Mas 2020 (NGE)
This is the lineup of just 14-15 monts which is hugee.

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But But But Humare Sir Ko Holiday Nahi Chahiye

Fact Is Holiday Ke Liye Saari Industry Tadapti Hai Par Milti Keval Sabse Bade Stars Ko Hi Hai Isiliye Sabki Jalti Hai Khans Se Aur Woh Khans Ko Holiday Dependent Bolke Apni Frustation Nikalte Hain, Kyunki Khud Holiday Pe Apni Film Release Nahi Kar Sakte Na


By Holiday Here I Meant EDX

Though Akshay Has Holiday Release Every Year Even Though Not EDX But His Films Always Benefit From Other Holidays And He Has Got Many EDX Releases As Well But He Wasted Them Hence He Didn't Get EDX Later On. Even In 2020 He Will Face Clash In All 3 Or Run Away There Cant Be Any 3rd Case Scenario i.e, Solo EDX Release Which Only Khans Have Enjoyed As Only They Deserved It

Just Want Shahrukh To Announce Clash On Diwali To Have 3 EDX Clashes Of Akshay With 3 Khans And Settle This Khans Vs Akshay For Once And All, Though Even Without The Clash Stats Facts And Records Already Show Khans>>>Akshay Be It At Present Or Entire Career But Still!

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Before Multiplex Era even Festival Releases are FLOP.
But in Multiplex Era FESTIVAL is Necessary for Big Grosser if WOM is not Outstanding.

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he has not booked any of these dates....word booking means exclusivity its a tentative release date as announcing and releasing are two different things..plus .its an easy publicity....furthermore he's not a producer in any of these movies....so i dont think he will be entitled to take the last call.... or get humiliated if movie pre or postpones like sooryavanshi.
he is sure to get humiliated when salman khan announces his eid release..... against laxxmi bomb. as salman khan's movie announcement was not an announcement but a threat.....

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Lucky him. Three clashes on a festive period and this period drama is going to be huge.

I think one lady is going to need a packet of tissues on Diwali when her film clashes.

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Kangana? LMAO She Is A Nobody And Will Run Away

Diwali Will Have A Major Star's Film Like Satte Pe Satta To Clash With Akshay!

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He has such a good line up, perhaps the best amongst all top stars. Though Salman won't let him come on Eid and BP will also postpone from its Xmas date.

So it will be Kangana vs Akki? It will be a competition to see who wins national award.

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Who wins the National Award Lmao ...
But both can win know as Actor & Actress ...


How can it be a competition when there are two National Awards e.g. Best Actor and Best Actress? It will be either Akshay Kumar or Ajay Devgn. I hope Ajay wins it for Tanhaji so that he can tie Kamal Hassan and Mammootty are both 3x National Award Winners.


Even I know nikeel. But you missed the sarcasm.

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This one will be huge here in my home state Rajasthan
Anyways all 3 major festival release for Akki as of Now he is surely aiming for top spot now

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Great lets see ..
Bcoz Annoucing is different from actually releasing ....

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Diwali is most likely for him to release solo bcoz on eid there is salman and aamir on xmas


@Ssk Diwali is most favourite of both Srk & Ajay & if not Srk then Ajay may release or some other stars may come ..


SRK not sure TBH but Ajay may take him on

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Neither he will get Eid nor Xmas 2020 yes he will take Diwali for sure

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But I'm concerned as it is to be directed by the person who last directed Mohalla Assi.

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The director is the weak point for this film. Too much Akshay Kumar in a year might bore his core Audience.

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