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Happy Birthday to Akshay Kumar

People can praise or criticise him but he's one dedicated actor who has worked hard for years. He started his career as a chef and waiter in Bangkok then went on to become an actor. 90s era was where he built his Action hero image where gave many successful although a low phase happened from 1997-1999. In 00s he reinvented himself where he did comedy movies which audience loved him. Now this decade has been patriotic films which he has tasted success especially his latest one Mission Mangal.

I'd even put Akshay Kumar as one of my top five actors along with Ajay Devgn, Suniel Shetty, Sunny Deol and Sanjay Baba. To me, he's versatile and has done a wide range of roles e.g. Action, Comedy, Romance, Villain, Thriller, Patriotic and etc.

So once again, Happy Birthday to Akshay Kumar.  May your success continues with most the awaited film Soorayavanshi which I'm very confident it will do very well at the BO. Hoping he makes the most of his career with good movies.

His best songs were from the 90s era. These three are excellent.

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Three Action Hero's in one frame...............................

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Happy birthday to khiladi Kumar , his success story from a common men to 4th highest earning actor on world is so inspirational ,Akshay Kumar turns 52 and if we look at his lineup from hf4 to sooryavanshi to PRC and Bachchan pandey it looks like his best is yet to come ,so wishing him all the success and expect a lot of entertainment from his films in future.

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Happy Birthday to Khiladi Akshay Kumar ..
My favourite films are ..
Khiladi, Mohra, Mr & Mrs Khiladi, Hera pheri, Mujhse Shadi karogi & Houseful -2.

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Time to Enjoy/Time to Party.....Its my Birthday

Happy Birthday to the most versatile actor of the Industry....proud to watch all his movies...and believe me its not an easy task......

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Happy bday to him
I love to see him in action and comedy
His comic timing is simply superb to say the least

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