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asked in Cinematic Discussion by Super-star (163k points)
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You ask... A srk fan... They will say... Happy New year best film ever....
Oso masterpiece... Main hoon na... Best masala movie...
You ask akshay fans... Tees Maar khan... Incredible movie...
You will ask Hrithik Roshan fans satte pe satta remake... This is how you make commercial movie

When farah khan makes the movie... Fans of actor shut their brain... As proven in the past

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Hahaha bhai thanx for sharing this post look at these SRK fans defending and bashing Suhas no wonder they trended HNY Best film ever

answered by Assistant Director (51.6k points)
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i mean i can't can they all at the same time shut their brain....together.... they are all convinced that it will do close to 300cr...and it is the best movie ever.... i should not be humanly possible to have such unanimously wrong perception and judgment
i swear you watch OSO now... and you will see it is equally as ridiculous as HNY.... as well as MHN
just check this one out..... so called best masala movie MHN ..... video....and how an amateur could have made a movie without all these childish mistakes....


Man back in those days when i was in School MHN was such a rage
Never understood how all of SRK Fandom found HNY so good like just can't


haha yeah it was a rage so was OSO....both movies were rage because srk was huge back then...and had the goodwill and star power....everything else was overlooked.
i remember...i hadn't seen MHN..and everyone had seen it and i was jealous..... why haven't i seen it... back in those days when SRK was a phenomenon ....

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Hahahahahahha. Mahn HR fans are different. We will be happy atleast he is doing movies and hasn't retired. HR will do this movie to open more Cultfit branches across India and fulfill the complaint of him not doing enough commercial movies

answered by Super-star (161k points)

haha time anay do my mahn..... may be you won't..... but .... this sickness.....farah khan brings to all ..... and they don't even know...that they are sick..until its too late.... until then...farah khan's all yours to.... see the future

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Oh God I Have Never Seen Any Other Fan Base Calling A Poor Movie As Great Movie, Even If They Have To Defend At Best They Call It 1 Time Watch/Average Film/Not Bad

Srk Fans Are On Different Level

answered by Assistant Director (49.8k points)
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Time has passed so fast ..
Abhi kal hi ki baat lagti hai ....

answered by Cinematographer (92.2k points)
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No they wont bcoz hr fans are sensible enough to understand wch is best movie of year and wch is worst movie of year unless they have genes of srk fan in it..

Waise woh legendary day suhas , uska thumbs and uska phone aaj bi yadh karte hai and hope karte aise jahilo se phirse mula kat na ho..

answered by Unit Manager (33.3k points)
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Farah Khan films are much better than crap blockbusters of salman even tmk was excellent in comparison to race 3 which is the worst sequel and saif performance in race is oscar winning in comparison to race 3 performance of salman and Hny was much better than ready, bodyguard, dabangg 2, ett and mega flop race 3 worst film by superstar in his so called best phase and opening of Hny is better than all salman films in 2nd half of decade except PRDP which is slightly ahead due to popularity of Sooraj Barjatya among family audiences which is the reason film was hit while
opening of Hny today will be better than toh and at par with avengers

answered by Camera Operator (10.5k points) 2 flags
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yup...and you won't even find ONE fan.....among entire fanbase...who will vouch for race 3 and dabnagg 2..... for not being the worst movies of all time..... we dont call these movies best movie ever...unlike...... you people. we openly bash these movies...more than any other fanbase.

and farah khan doesn't make better movies than race unprecedented crap still crap

also....yup i just said above in description ...for you akshay fans...TMK is incredible .... so you agreeing to no surprise.


Hey Oldie now go & watch Tmk & Hny in repeat mode ...


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