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Chances for D3 to click in Karnataka?


@Roman no doubt Sudeep is a big name is Kannada film industrty but movie can do wonders only if the content is accepted if not even Sudeep's main lead films also won't work if the content is bad like his previous one's ..
The Villlain & Ambi Ninage wayasu aaye tou to name a few ..


Hmm Thank you


@Irdwhelp Ambi Ning Vayassaytho was not a Sudeep's film. It was Ambarish's film. Just like Dhanush in the original, Sudeep had an extended appearance as younger version of Ambarish. The Villain was a letdown. But it did open strongly for the hype.

With all the noise, I don't think the Kannada dubbed version of Dabangg 3 will do huge. None of the Kannada dubbed versions have done any decent business. Not even the recent Dear Comrade. Don't expect Sye Raa to do it too. Majority will prefer watching the Hindi version itself.

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Nothing to worry about...... Dabangg 3 will be a Blockbuster and whatever movie he does after that. Tunna tak tak tunna.........

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Because Dabangg-3 isn't a Bhiayyaji superhit or Ghayal once again or a Mohalla assi ...
As simple as that ..

answered by Cinematographer (94.2k points)
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Because Salman is a legendary megastar

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Yes u are right for the first time.dabangg3 is a blockbuster

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Yes dabangg 3 will b a sure shot BLOCKBUSTER IF STRONG star cast and blockbuster music is anything to go by which tubeligbt, Race3, and bharat missed completely

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Bcoz Danangg 3 isn't rushed as the next eid release is looking like

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Dabangg 3 will be Superhit / Blockbuster like TZH ...
Now Salman can give BIG GROSSER only if it was BIG FRANCHISE or SEQUEL ...
Those days are Gone when his mostly Crap became BLOCKBUSTER between 2010-16 ...

answered by Production Designer (13.4k points)

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