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Audio is dull


I've never been a fan of party songs but this one is strictly OK. I think there will better songs to come later on.


Is director ka song v bekaar nikl gya... His strong zone. Waiting for other songs.


Lol am addicted to this song. Waiting for full audio.

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Bollywood music is dead

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Super catchy
Hit song for Hrithik after a long time

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Good song. So they converted a ghazal into party song lol. Hrithik dance steps are superb. Tune is catchy as well. Already seen it many times. It's going to be a big hit.

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Good Song .........

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Great Funk Pop Song. Exotic Visuals & Hrithik's sync with the beats are just fabulous!

Funk Pop songs always grow upon repeat listening!!

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Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic. So after average trailer, song is worse. HR dance steps saving grace. Rest is crap. 150cr lifetime well and truly on now.

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your prediction for Super 30 was wrong and you will be wrong again don't worry tunna tunna

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Good actually great song. Refreshing voice and mind blowing steps.

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Let's quit bro. I suggest let's open an account on Twitter and become fans of someone else. We will have nowhere to hide on the 2nd, when War comes crashing down




@Rancho: hahaha yes, this reserve jinxing is becoming a bit too obvious now

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Isse accha to Dhoom 2 type Hrithik solo number bana dete -- --

First getting beaten to pulp by Tiger and now wasting his dance on such song. Hrithik deserves better. Why can't Tiger be in this useless song and Hrithik be the one wiping the floor with Tiger in fight scenes YRF? The nation needs to know..!!

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i m addicted to this song very much,

Great song..

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