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Last week was 8 Years of Bodyguard and looking back you realise that those times were fun where Salman Khan gave back to back Blockbusters. He had this in 2011 and 2012. Also one Blockbuster each in 2014, 2015 (ATBB), 2016 and 2017 which is good, though.

I wish this can happen again and 2021 he has the potential to back to back Blockbusters if he does two films a year with the right choices. That explains why I've made the voting poll

NOTE: Two films on the voting poll as in two films a year...................... Shetty and Milap films won't happen but that's just a wish...................

  • Wanted 2 (As the Veteran remake) and Rohit Shetty's Action movie
  • Kick 2 and Sher Khan
  • Tiger 3 and Milap Zaveri's Action/Adventure
Wanted 2 (As the Vetran remake) and Rohit Shetty's Action movie
Kick 2 and Sher Khan
Tiger 3 and Miliap Zaveri's Action/Adventure
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If Salman Khan is having two releases in 2021, that is more than enough. Any film they can be.


I wish Salman Khan & Rohit Shetty work together in future. It needs to be a solo film although a high chance he will be part of that cop universe when this crossover happens. Hope they collaborate for a solo movie but Shetty will likely do Golmaal 5 and maybe Singham 3.

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Went for the first option. However I'd rather some other idea for Wanted 2 than to remake the Veteran

answered by Super-star (161k points)
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Sher Khan i don't know thats too risky
I believe Tiger 3 and any other film will do

answered by Assistant Director (51.5k points)

You should vote. That's why I made the poll.


Wanted to but i just want tiger 3 not that milap zaveri film thats why didn't voted

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the combination of wanted 2 and sher khan would be lethal...
im gonna think that they both will release the same year ... but im wrong.
its a hypothetical question anyway..
sher khan is my most awaited movie .... and im gonna stay hopeful for that until it disappoints me. or not.

answered by Super-star (163k points)

What about Salman Khan and Rohit Shetty? I'm not saying it will happen now but if it does then it will be huge especially on Eid release.


dont care about huge....salman has gazillion number of huge movies in his filmography already ...he needs an ambitious movie..... i have waited for sher khan for 9 years...i can wait longer....
sher khan is a courageous movie.... to make.... it will take everything from money to guts....


itni movies being human fund k liye banai ab aik fans k liye bhe honi chahiye.... 3 saaal bigg boss karay .... aur 600cr se kam paise na kharach karay sher khan pay.

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Tiger 3 and Sher Khan.

answered by Editor (82.7k points)

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