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Doomed to be a Blockbuster rather than an ATBB

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i have lost all hope of expecting blockbuster from salman in eid


Tubelight and Bharat were not meant for Eid, Race 3 was too bad for obvious reasons.
Salman should have learned the lesson now and I believe him and his going out of Inshallah revives my faith in him


exactly......if any movie comes out in next eid it will be as bad as race 3...
..because salman just doesn't care anymore i'm afraid


and as @intense is saying audience will not show up for lazy effort anymore.

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His Biggest Mistake of This Decade is TUBELIGHT...
This Movie Has also ended the Salman's Golden Run.

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Not doomed certainly, problem with Race 3 other than being rushed was that first, he used it as a launch device rather than a genuine movie. Secondly, the idea of Race 3 with Salman was misfit, Race was always more suspense & thriller franchise rather than the poor action movie they tried to make. Saif in Race 3 would've been made with lower budget and would've suited the theme of Race movies with the style of Saif's character.

And what to say about the director, as i said, launch device.
And then obviously being rushed.

Now coming to Eid project, it'll be rushed, mostly will have another not so good director and supporting cast might be 50/50, could be good or could be yet another launch device. And obviously rushed.

Not completely doomed, but chances are high. I mean it's not compulsory to come on Eid, yeah, the fans want it but as the great Ian Malcolm once said "Your scientists were so preoccupied in whether or not they could, they didn't stopped to think if they should".

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I don't think so. He made a promise to everyone on Twitter that he will see everyone on Eid and he won't go against his words. He's going to do everything in his power to make sure his audience get to watch his movie on Eid. Looks like Kick 2 script isn't ready so Wanted 2 may seem possible. If he does Wanted 2 and I hope he used the Veteran remake template because that would make it a perfect sequel.

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It could be doomed if he delays an announcement any further. If its wanted 2 he needs to start now. Gone are the days where a lazy effort like Dabangg 2 became a BB, audiences now are completely changed.

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Tunna tunna



Ole Ole..........


Well, guys, what was that supposed to be?

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A Wanted can be made in 45 days. It depends upon what he chooses and the team he is with.

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