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+1 vote
I personally will term him as a PAN India superstar if SAAHO takes anything more than 70 crore opening.
in Cinematic Discussion by Second Unit Director (78.2k points)
71% Accept Rate

Going by the advance, he will.

For pan India star, I don't think Prabhas will sign Bollywood films. His primary choice will remain Telugu & he'll concentrate there.

Bollywood didn't allow Kamal Haasan to survive in the industry so why will they allow Prabhas? Chiranjeevi did 3 Hindi films, Venkatesh did 2 Hindi films & Nagarjuna has managed to do 9. I don't expect Prabhas to surpass Chiranjeevi or even Venkatesh.

Talking about his films getting dubbed & simultaneously released in theaters like that of Kamal & Rajini starrers. Only time will tell. Not every film he signs will be a Saaho & mainly he has to prove himself outside Bahubali franchise. This Nationwide popularity, how long will it survive for him is a waiting game.

10 Answers

+1 vote

Chiranjivi's Syeraa sold for 30crs in nizam while saaho got 40crs, though he's coming fresh after bb2 that affected but still it's only Prabhas factor which is driving it's biz, 125cr for whole AP/TG that's more than bb2 after that 120cr for hindi version no nonSalmir can get at the moment.
Tamilnadu well they don't accept outsiders, even advance booking has got lukewarm response there still 20crs is a reasonable price.
If Saaho opens huge which it'll then Prabhas can become a pan Indian superstar.
Remember very few hindi superstar (Mainly Top5 ) can guarantee 20cr+ opening on nonholiday.

by Assistant Director (40.4k points)

true....and saho got huge release in north in hindi despite releasing in telugu and tamil version....
if its opens even 15 cr in hindi on non holiday it should term as a bumper because this is coming without support of entire south and even in north where movie is releasing in hindi, there are also some shows of tamil and telugu which take away hindi numbers....

+1 vote

Yes. For sure. How many actors (bwood) gave 20Cr+ opening on a non holiday? I believe, Prabhas, if Saaho becomes successful, will sign pan india Movies only, with keeping North India in mind. Let's see.

by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
0 votes

No one can become PAN india star...
Agar SAAHO chl bhi jaaye to uski Next Movie SOUTH type hogi aur wo idhr yaa to rlse nahi hogi yaa rlse hogi bhi to thukk Jygi.

by Camera Operator (8.7k points)

The Point is If this film works in Hindi, the big producers will shell out more money on him. And from next on he will do movies which can be released PAN India wise. Its a win win for Prabhas.

0 votes

One Doesn't Becomes A Pan India Superstar Just By 2-3 Films, He Needs To Give One Blockbuster After Another With Good Openings On Regular Basis For 5 Years In Both South Indian And Hindi Markets To Establish Himself As A Pan India Superstar!

by Assistant Director (44.7k points)
0 votes

IMO Prabhas would still not be a Pan India superstar even if he delivers another hit with Saaho and another one or two movies.. he needs first to deliver and prove his mettle with his fe other movies down south first where he is still behind many other auperstars in his own industry, leave alone the other industries.. then he needs to deliver hits and give big openers with other mvies in hindi... if not for Saaho, with such team to backup, such production values and size, definitely any typica prabhas or south movie wouldnt even been looking at even a 5cr+ opening..

by Executive Producer (66.3k points)
0 votes

Man, you're really jumping the gun here. One doesnt become a superstar overnight. As Suhas also said, Bollywood doesnt allow South actors to last long around here....and it wont be any different this time too.

by Star (150k points)
0 votes

I don't think people quite understand what Pan India star is.
Pan India star can be called as someone who has popularity throughout the country, he need not to be biggest in his own industry.

For example whoever is biggest Telugu start currently, has no popularity in Northern & Central markets, Prabhas is popular in north & Central regions though. Similarly biggest stars of Bollywood don't get much collections for their movies in South markets.
Prabhas can be both, a Pan India star despite not being the biggest in any industry. Simple equation.

For example Salman gets 10 crs collection for his movie in Bollywood markets and 2 in South with total = 12

Some South star gets 12 in South and 1 in North, total = 13

Prabhas can get 8 in south, 6 in north, total = 14

Coming to your question, he can be but he'll need to repay this great consistently, he'll need to make his image more than Baahubali wala star and be Prabhas in core hindi regions too, only then you can call him Pan India star, so he's a long way but only he can do that currently, he's got a golden opportunity, let's see what he does with it.

by Mega Star (216k points)
0 votes

Right now all the hype is bcoz this is his next film after baahubali lets see what happens with Sahoo he does have a chance to become a Pan India Star but for that he would need to be consistent plus as suhas said not every film of his will be Sahoo
Lets see A lot depends upon what happens with Sahoo
Although i will still say its just a phase which will eventually pass
Don't think any south star will make it big in bollywood

by Assistant Director (47.6k points)
0 votes

He is already bigger than Shahrukh and Akshay......

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
0 votes

If he keeps making movies which are "biggest movies in terms of scale"
Then yes... He will become the only pan india actor... And A cheat code for remaining South actors to follow....

A movie... Which Bollywood audience has already seen "low budget or a thriller or a comedy or anything that's been seen before... It will not work in North obviously...

Baahubalis had never seen before visuals and scale.... It worked.... Saaho will have never seen before action it will work again...

by Star (157k points)

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