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not the official poster with EID date.

Source Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/HimeshMankad/status/1165940155699494917
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sooryavanshi announced

inshallah announced

sooryavanshi ran away

inshallah shelved

laxmi bomb announced

Salman - See you all on Eid 2020

Too much Fun, Exciting days ahead
Expecting another big announcement from Salman in next 15 days and this is getting all messy, Akki may not postpone this time because it has already happened so it will be a embarrassment this time.
It'll be exhilarating if Salman announces something like Kick2 .

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Dunno why is Akshay so hell bent on damaging himself. He's doing brilliantly, Salman will no way leave an EID date which means he will have to postpone again once Salman announces his next.

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Bad move..... two weeks after eid is very very good time for content movies... It has been evident for past 10 years.... Sanju and kabir Singh are taaza taaza memory of this.... Why leave that solo date for a direct clash... Bad move. But good publicity

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Agree with Suhas. Kanchana films regularly airs on Sony Max. People won't like to see that on theater.


@Grand Nova

Sharing this because... Well why should I have all the fun?


Blocked video.


Oh! Didn't expect. It was up for months & Goldmines hadn't intervened. You can click on the link 5 watch it on YouTube directly. The video isn't allowed to be played outside YouTube.

Kanchana scenes

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Agar sher apna khana chode apne plate pe toh iska ye matlab nahi ke kutte aake mu marenge..

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ale wa kya dialogue mala....tume to bhai ke film ka dialogue writer hona chahiye...ur dialogue is better than those kahan se haage aur kahan se padein


Abe totle pehle bolna sikh..

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Ye aadmi kyun kar raha hai ye sab. Salman is weakened but still the top star of the industry, and Aamir is right up there with him. If Kick 2 is coming on Eid 2020 then Nadiadwala will use Akki's own Housefull 4 against him to book screens. And anyhow he won't be able to win the initial. He already shifted once from this date. Khair, let's see.

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But, don't forget Nadiawala also have Bacchan Pandey with Akki in lead. So there is so much at stake for almost everyone if Salman is planning Kick 2.
But, personally I believe that Kick 2 isn't coming next Eid or who knows Salman has a comeo in Laxmi Bomb.

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yeh lo mauke pe chaouka

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Seriously, this is getting so missed up now. Personally, I feel there was no need for this because I don't see it has the potential of Sooryawansi to harness the benefits of Eid properly but of course its anway a better bet than Inshallah.
Now, all eyes on Salman for his next move and his next move might create rifts between many in the industry. Lets see fingers crossed!

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I don't what's happening unless Akshay is keen to clash with Salman Khan. TBH, Salman has given his word that he will there on Eid and there have been hints on Twitter that he will do Kick 2.

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Lol on akshay kumar..he will run again..twice from a single date..never in history

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lol. Sallu fans thought that Akki delayed the movie due to Sallu.

Slb was the reason

so called domination.
its over.

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LOL So Called domination
Salman made Hirani ran way who's bhansali?
Do you remember Padmaavat, they opted for 3way republic Day clash rather than 2 way Christmas


Lol if it was So called Domination why didn't anybody clashed with him


Please accept a humble flag and a down vote from thy servant your majesty


@god father where are u? Still on earth or take off from mars.

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