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its not happening that's what's happening... Bhansali realised too late there can only be one alpha in a pack... And salman khan realised too late why he doesn't work with established directors..... The Answer to both is same.... Salman khan is the alpha and omega on a film set... He will have everything the way he wants... And bhansali also.

Salman khan had his own puppets as directors... Bhansali had his own puppets as actors.... Not surprising it wouldn't have worked had two puppet masters come together.. Like now who will be the puppet... Btw I had hoped this would have happened when movie is 60% complete... It would've been so exciting lol... Everything hanging in the air like a pendulum

Now for his next movie even if script is ready.... it will take probably 60 days for pre production, cast and crew gathering... Leaving 3 months of shooting and one month of post production..

So you can easily rule out kick 2 or tiger 3 or any other big budget extravaganza . So the only movie that can readied in 5 days with full list of cast and crew and director.... Is... A movie which has haunted us throughout the years... We had preferred dabangg 3 over this... We had preferred INSHALLAH over this... We think this movie can look even worse than dare I say race 3.... We know the director and we fear him the most...  remo d'souza's Dancing dad
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Enough time for Kick2. It has been announced too.

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Well just let go of eid 2020 he made a blunder with Inshallah now there is no time for a movie another rushed product will end up like Race 3

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Its Kick 2 because 9 month remaining and Kick 2 easily completed in this period And a perfect film for Eid.

answered by Unit Manager (39.6k points)

Kickein shickein nahe release hoti.... Bhool jao.

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I knew about Inshalllah. Alia don't suit against Salman. Alia feels too young. Kareena would have been a better choice. Or who knows if Salman don't wanna take a risk and want to go easy with films like Race4, Kick2 etc.

answered by Camera Operator (11k points)

How on earth is Race 4 going easy after what happened with Race 3


Didn't Salman said they got good trp or his Fans liked it or something like that?


"Even Race 3, which people say didn’t do that well, did a business of over Rs 170 crore, that’s huge. With all the negativity around it, the film still worked.”

Bhai on Race 3's success


Nothing wrong there
Race 3 doing that much with the level of negativity and the kind of wom it had was sheee brutal star power put any young gen joker and the film isn't even doing 100cr ffs
Anyways its not about Race 4 the point is if he just makes a movie rushed like Race 3 just to release on eid it will automatically turn out as Race 4

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next 10 years bhai plan....

dabaang 3, dabang 4,......dabaang 10
kick 2, kick 3............kick 10
Tiger 3, tiger 4........tiger 10
no entry 2, no entry entry 10
ready2, ready ready 3.......ready 10

bhai fans only want dhishoom dhishoom and masala bhaat...

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but i never made fun of fact I m giving all credit to ranveer.....but y bhai u fans were insecure when bhai was doing inshallah....
of course srk was global superstar thats y dilwale 373cr and BM 353cr...where he crushed?


Dude you are high or what we don't want him to do inshallah that is our fuckin choice moron its our life we will do whatever the **** we want to and we will make fun of ranveer and now go watch crappy SrK romantic shits and cry bcoz people are making fun of your fav ranveer


bhai ab to khush ho jao....bhai will come with another action masala to counter suryavanshi on 2020 Eid....kahi aisa toh nahi suryavanshi ke darr se bhai ne love story ko chod ke action movie prefer ki counter attack karne ke akki also riding high after MM success...lagta hai yahi baat fans ko sata rahi thi.....chalo bhai khush ho jao ab


Are bhai konse level ka nasha kia hai counter eid se bhag gye thi sooryavanshi konsa counter
Lagta hai zero ka sadma abhi tak utara hi nahi hai
Jaa phle kahi araam se 2-3 ghante ro le nasha utar le fir baat karte hai

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