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I dont see oct 2nd on any of the posters

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Reddy will be a criminal if he spoils this one, probably the biggest ever Panindian casting of All time.
Biggest ever Indian superstar
Biggest ever Telugu superstar
Lady superstar
Top Kannada Superstar
A Natural Actor Like Vijay
And Milky beauty Tamanna

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I like how people are content with milky beauty & not even attempt to give her any other title.


I think this one suits her well beside heroines usually don't get good titles


Well it has always been the same male titles given to them..

Vijayashanthi was called Lady Amitabh Bachchan
After lot of arguments for Anushka Shetty & Nayanthara, eventually Lady Superstar title has gone to Nayanthara.

Rakshitha was called Crazy Queen for no reason.
Her direct competitor Ramya (Divya Spandana) was given the title Sandalwood Queen.

Earlier it used to be Kanasina Rani (translation: Dream Girl). Post that there has been literally zero attempt on creating a title. (Strictly speaking post 80's)

The true ones were the vintage superstar actresses who royally owned the titles,

Saroja Devi earned the titles Abhinaya Saraswati (from Kannada film industry), Kannadathu Paingili (Kannada's parrot by Tamil film industry) & she indeed ruled Tamil industry.

Jayalalitha first earned the title Kavarchi Kanni before being awarded the title Kalai Selvi. Rest of the titles she earned after she became a Political leader.

Kannada actress Kalpana had the title Minugu Thaare (Shining Star).

Savitri earned the titles Mahanati & Nadigaiyir Thilagam.

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Tamanna reminds me Madhuri from sailab.....

this movie looks another TOH....

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If this movie releases on 2nd october then it will definitely hamper War in south states by atleast 15-20cr...
War should get a release like dhoom3 where ap/nizam got nearly 500-600 screens in both dubbed and hindi versions..
But if sye raa comes then war will not get such tally of screens..
There is just no unity in bwood. ..
Apne khud ke ghar mei dushman hai toh kuch nahi kar saktey..
Farhan akhtar, karan johar jaise log khud bwood ko bigaad rahe hai. Sirf paisa hi sab kuch hai..
Funny thing is even hindi media is so hutiya that it wants to degrade bwood and their stars..
Recently i saw anupama chopra interview with prabhas, she asked bwood stars think they r brand but Telugu stars are doing movies for the sake of cinema and art..
I could not stop laughing at her question..
In bwood stars like aamir hrithik srk have always strived to take risk and do different movies even at their peak of stardom and on other side telugu stars always repeating the same routine stuff.. Yet hindi media speaks opp of reality..

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Hmm A Potential 50 Cr Opener War Will Have To Settle For 45 Cr Bcz Of Politics Within Industry!


Honestly Hindi media is Hypocrite of Highest order, I have rarely seen a Top Telugu Superstar taking risks and doing out of the box movies, they always stay true to their image (Which is good nonetheless), while we have superstar like Aamir whoose Every movie has been different from each other yet qualitative even HR after Dhoom2.
But I think they hate anything related to Bollywood.
There's unity here in Tollywood,which Bollywood badly needs.


Just watch sahoo event.. From rajamouli to top directors went to that event.. Thats called unity. Our bwood ppl hampering their own image.. By clashing, nd bwood producers like dharma, excel helping south biggies release in hindi


Agree no top South big wig would ever back a core Hindi movie there


honestly hindi audience are not supporting enough in the first place...
with one baahubali they forgot the contribution of hindi cinema and degrading hindi movies and stars..
and hindi media is the biggest joke..
and coming to fandom,there are so many stars in south who enjoy huge fandom.
but that fandom is only based on the language and regional feeling they have on their state..
but hindi has multiple markets and states and hindi superstars belong to different states like punjab,delhi,mumbai so the hindi people doesnot have the regional feeling


Bang on That's absolutely true, Bollywood has no regional background, that's why it gets treated like a stepson in all states.
Andhra has cast based fandom that's the thing I hate the most except manipulation, but Hindi media can't see this they will cover only nepotism in Bollywood.
Regarding domination, even including BB series whole South cinema consisting of 4 industries has barely 5-6 movies in Top30 Indian grosser.


thanks for reminding of nepotism..
hindi love da media is always behind bwood regarding nepotism..
what about telugu stars?
lets see the back ground of top telugu stars:
mahesh babu- son of super star krishna
prabhas- his uncle was a hero and family has production house
jr.ntr- NTR FAMILY
ramcharan- son of megastar chiranjeevi
allu arjun- son of producer allu arvind and chiranjeevi is his uncle
pawan kalyan- brother of chiranjeevi..

what the hell,hindi media never spoke about this thing?

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Farhaan once again hampering his once friend's career. War deserves a solo release.

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jab apne ghar mei hi dushman ho toh kuch bhala nahi hone waala ghar ka aur ghar waalon ka..