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It looks so epic & grand!

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Quite brilliant this. I wish we make a Hindi epic like this soon

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Epic teaser. A Blockbuster is loading. Wait and watch!!!!!

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Amitabh Bachchan Is Biggest Megastar Of Indian Cinema
Some People In South Live In Fools Paradise Thinking That Chiranjeevi Is Bigger Than Him Just Bcz He Charged More Price Than Him In 1990s But They Conveniently Forget That Amitabh Wasnt At His Peak At That Time Unlike Chiranjeevi, At His Peak From 1975-1985 The Kind Of Craze And Domination Amitabh Had Is Unparalleled In Indian Cinema

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I am not south indian but i think chiranjeevi is bigger star.


Only In 1990s He Was Bigger Not Entire Career Wise!