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in Music & Promos by Assistant Director (49.3k points)
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5 Answers

+2 votes

this guy ayushmaan khuarana and that other guy...........ummmmmm ..something rao.... stree guy..... they both do same acting in every movie...and these guys think waaahhh kya acting kiya bhai actor.... in fact isay to national award bhe mila

by Super-star (160k points)

If salman would have been in that film for which he got national award film would have been comedy for sure

0 votes

This Will Be Another Hit For Him

Karthik And Ayushman Will Soon Become Genuine Stars







Special Mention To Vicky Sushant Aditya Rajkumar- They Are Not Stars But Have Some Face Value, May Be They Will Become Mini Stars In Future

by Assistant Director (48.8k points)

Bhai Vicky is much better than Sushant and Aditya


Yes Thats Why I Took His Name Before Them!

0 votes

AK has mastered the act of such movies. It's a typical setting for him. Will be a decent success

by Star (156k points)
0 votes

I like Ayushmann Khurana. But this one not looks convincing. Article 15 & Badhai Ho was great. Hope it surprises me.

by Second Unit Director (78.9k points)

Somehow AK is repeating this template again and again. Simple middle class North Delhi guy stuck in a muddle in every movie.


Yupp. And somehow its working every time.


Well he wasn't North Delhi guy in BKB & SMS. Also he mixes these movies with Andhadhun & Article 15 types too. So i guess not much problem in it.

0 votes

Disappointed. The movie doesn't look convincing or funny enough and too much sexual talk through out, meaning it can't br watched with family. It can still be a hit, but Badhai Ho was a movie that sold me from trailer itself, this one doesn't.

Now I'm waiting for more info on Bala and Gulaabo Sitabo.

by Assistant Director (58.3k points)