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+2 votes
look im not saying it will..... all im saying is .... both previous dabanggs didn't score as they were expected.....

dabangg 1 was supposed to be a boxoffice disaster....... no one was even talking about it before its trailer release.....  it became the biggest opener and probably still is by the end of the decade.... if same rules apply to it as they are now.  and became all time 3rd highest grosser ever within first week..... now that was some acheivement.....within a week.

and second one was supposed to be highest grosser ever.... ofcourse the sequel to biggest single screens movie since gadar ..... it was so big before the launch of trailer... but unlike the part 1..when trailer launched..expectations plummeted..... exact opposite of what happened with dabangg 1.

now we are at part 3 stage....and again expectations from it are at all time low.... after fans dreaded thoughout the years for part 3 to happen.... they always wished for it to be shelved ....all those trends we dont want dabangg 3 etc....  they all know how badly its gonna be trolled .... like race 3 ... but what if past two movies...this one also ....doesn't work as expected.....

i personally believe prabhe deva to be the king of masala movies..... like what if he's in a mood to make a movie like wanted ro rowdy rathore...or even rambo rajkumar..... if he can make a very bad movie.....he can easily make a masterpiece as well...he has.  wanted is the king of masala movies..... like im counting the entire 21st century movies till now....
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Well, to blow it for you, War will settle for 180cr. Dabangg 3 will most probably settle for 220-230cr at best, keeping PD's ability in mind.


if that happens.... it won't be a shocker for dabangg 3.... even a 150cr wont be a shocker for dabangg 3 as things stand at the moment.... but for HR v will be
this movie checks all the boxes..... it has everything right going for it.....


Dont know mahn....Bollywood is a funny business. S30
..wasnt even expecting 100cr....will do 145cr. TOH was expected to do 300cr in worst case....did less than 150cr....tubelight was expected to better BB, turned out to be an epic disappointment.

War can potentially tick all the boxes, but I'm still going with 180cr for now. Will be better than Bang Bang but will fall short in lifetime.

3 Answers

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Dabangg 3 will be a Blockbuster at the worst case, only concern is will it be bigger than Tzh or Sultan

by Editor (80.6k points)
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Dont think dabangg 3 will cross 200cr.
Prabhu deva is a copy paste director.
In 2010-2013 his movies did well because of remake trend of masala movies.but now times have changed.
And movie like dabangg must have come on eid not xmas

by Location Manager (6.1k points)

Hrithikian, Prabhu Deva is a pathetic director....but if he's rediscovered his Wanted flair, D3 will be huge. Wanted is one of the best masala movies...if that happens D3 will run riot


Lol.. Wanted was a remake..
What flair did he add lol..

0 votes

DABANGG 3 is not doing more than 250Cr. And that's not bad at all.

by Camera Operator (11k points)

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