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Q. Is the Indian v Asoka clash the only clash that Shahrukh Khan has lost in his career and who has lost the most clashes out of Shahrukh Khan, Aamir and Salman Khan

Ans. There have been other losses but they were before superstardom in the 92-96 period. Shahrukh Khan has lost fewer clashes than Aamir and Salman Khan.

L. Aziz
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Early 90s - sunny deol

Late 90- Srk Salman

Early 2000s - Srk hrithik

Late 2000s- Aamir Akki

Early 2010s- Salman Srk

Late 2010s - Salman Aamir

Contender for early 2020s- Salman Ranveer akshay

Salmans peak >>>> Srk's peak

Salmans low>>>> Srk's low

In stardom Salman was/ is/ will / always bigger than 90s superstars


Oo bhai? Kis duniya me ho?
Srk's Blockbuster films >> DC's Blockbuster count

Srk > DC
Srk > Whole Bollywood and indian film industry


Srk > karan johar


For Delusional People Who Think BOI Only Called Shahrukh Superstar

"Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan who are two of the biggest box office stars of the day have clashed once in history at the box office

Basically Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are the biggest stars today and while younger stars should be catching them up, its actually going the other way and the gap is widening between them and the rest of the pack..

Today all three are roughly the same with Salman Khan holding slight edge in the domestic market if the film is right due to more mass popularity.

The Khans who are not at the level of super stardom of their peaks remain at the top and even this level of stardom is more than a match for others

Not counting Secret Superstar as that is competing more with likes of Dear Zindagi and does not count for a big superstar

As for the fans of megastars and the clown talking bad about films like Chak De India or even Race 3 then all we say is just do a bit of research."

Apart From This In One Of The Article BOI While Talking About Highest Collections Of Small Budget Films BOI Said Dear Zindagi And Secret Superstar Had Superstars In It So It Cant Be Compared With Other Small Films (I Don't Have The Exact Lines As I Didn't Save It)

8 Answers

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I Think As Per BOI Peak Years Of Superstardom Of Khans

Srk 1997- 2014
Aamir 2006 Onwards
Salman 2010 Onwards

Salman's Domination In His Peak Has Been Best Thats Why He Has Assured Himself Top 4 Spot In All Time Rankings

by Assistant Director (47.6k points)
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in terms of giving hit films.... you can draw srk's filmography as ranveer singh's filmography is right now....
all thanks to great filmmakers.

by Star (160k points)

Completely agree. Both Befikre and DDLJ were ATBB.


Put srk in befikre it wil be atbb..

+1 vote

BOI said that superstardom doesn't come from just one movie. So DDLJ set the base for it but then movies like DTPH, Pardes, KKHH took him further and made him a superstar. They've used 92-96 because 97 is the year of DTPH and Pardes, and he solidified his superstardom that year.

by Assistant Director (56.1k points)
edited by
+1 vote

It started after 1995 ...
Not in 1995....

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)

That's the point of misunderstanding between us

+1 vote

srk superstardom was after mega success of DDLJ although he became a major star after darr and baazigar srk superstardom was from 97-15 where he was major star

by Camera Operator (9.9k points)
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Retired actor ka stardom kab thah? kabhi 3 cr ka muh nahi dekha ddlj k siwaye..kkhh was Salman khan mvie and kkkg was hrithik and amitabh..

by Production Designer (13.7k points)
0 votes simple question to all salman and amir fan....has Boi ever ussed word "superstar" for salman and aamir...even after dominance from 2010....give me link where boi used word superstar for amir and salman.....
actually people are misusing word "superstar".....i m following bollywood from late 80s and never heard this word to any actor except BigB and Rajesh was first time in 1997 this word has used for srk after super success of perdes...after that he was always called king of bollywood or badshah of bollywood.....after that no one become super is another thing that now media and some actors fans calling every tom **** harry referred word as a megastar not even superstar....BigBwas also called superstar from 1977 not from 1975...but in reality he was became heart throb of millions from deewar itself...from just 2-3 movies successucant be superstar....u need to be consistent giving big success....ssame thing with srk...he became heart throb from bazigar itself...but hecant be superstar unless he gives consistently successful movies...
first find out salman is really superstar or not let alone mega star

by Location Scout (3.7k points) 1 flag

Bhai u mean aamir's superstardom started from 2006.....bhai srk has bazigar, darr, anjaam, khkn, ka, ddlj, army, ramjaane.....which better than ur so called peak rdb, fanaa, tzp...and boi never said aamir is superstar from 2006...u made ur own rule for aamir...but srk's case u follow what boi said...


Aamir Was Called Biggest Star By BOI In 2006, In 2009 They Called Aamir Biggest Star With Best Run

There Can Be No Way That He Became Superstar After This Period If You Want You Can Consider Before This In 1996 Instead Of 2006 No Issues

I Don't Make Any Rule Only Stats Facts And Records Matter

Why Do You Make Me Repeat? Cant You Read And Understand The Stats I Gave Above Check Aamir's Box Office From 1995-2018 And Compare It With Srk From 1993-2015 You Will See The Difference I Already Posted It So Dont Make Me Repeat

And PEAK ISNT JUST RDB FANAA AND TZP, PEAK IS GHAJINI 3 IDIOTS DHOOM 3 PK DANGAL, 5 INDUSTRY HITS Coupled With 2 Other Success Like Talaash And Secret Superstar Plus No Outright Flop




amir is biggest star in and srk and hritik were tiny star......boi ki jai ho....aamir is mega star....i agree....
93 - 95 in 2 and half year srk gave (7 success)

Trimurti (record opener)

I M not even counting 97 to 2008,,,,
whatever Boi said in 2009 it is because they have given gajini atbb....but in 2015 they started to digging old data and found gajini no where near other blockbuster....but u r still refering boi's old data to support ur claim...anyway u r happy in ur la la land then fine...nobody will stop u...


You Are Yourself Living In Fools Paradise And Not Accepting Facts, If You Dont Want To Accept BOI Facts Then Open Your Own Site, Where Only Shahrukh, Dilip Kr. And Big B Are Superstars, Salman, Aamir, Dharmendra Are Not Superstars, Chunky Pandey Is Star, Govinda Is Overnight Star, Shahrukh Is More Successful At Box Office Than Salman And Aamir, Shahrukh's Span Of Stardom Is More Than Aamir And Salman

Shahrukh (1993-2015) Vs Aamir (1995 Onwards)

Atbb- 2 Vs 5
Atg- 1 Vs 5
Biggest Hit Of Year- 4 Vs 6
Highest Grosser Of Year- 5 Vs 6
Biggest Hit Of Decade- 0 Vs 1
Highest Grosser Of Decade- 0 Vs 2
All Circuit Record Breaker- 0 Vs 1
Record Distrubutor Share- 1 Vs 5
Blockbusters- 10 Vs 7
3 Cr Footfalls- 3 Vs 4
2 Cr Footfalls- 9 Vs 7

Note- Even Though Advantage Here Is With Shahrukh Since He Isnt Loosing Any Major Year Compared To Aamir Who Lost 2 Major Years (1988, 1990) And Even Though Aamir Did 30 Plus Films Less Than Shahrukh During This Period Still Shahrukh Is Behind Aamir

This Was My Last Comment, I Rest My Case!

–1 vote

king khan got superstardom earlier than the products of nepotism who debuted before him wow

by Location Manager (7.7k points) 1 flag

true......aur according to their fan saare nepotism became superstar from their first films itself.....while srk became superstar from 96

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