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What's the problem with the Hindi Version

by Camera Operator (11.9k points)
0 votes

Mixed feelings
Though on one side there's a dearth of Big budget massy action movies in India right now, if it comes across as a decent one also it'll go berserk.
South is sure to open huge and Hindi weekend could be a eye opener also..
But on flip side it don't have a wow feeling, bad trailer cut actually that's the problem with most South movies they're bad at cutting posters and trailers.
Scale is huge and Prabhas's brand value is huge and the next 2-3 years will decide where he stands among the biggest superstar of India.
Sahoo is the key, Trailer is a decent one but I believe it's badly cut, movie will be better let's see

by Assistant Director (49.8k points)
0 votes

Typical south movie..will be good to see it on set max

by Production Designer (14.4k points)
0 votes

1st time - Good
After 3-4 times- average

by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
0 votes

Where is the hindi version anyways why are south indian movie trailers like this always just random scenes
This would be a dud the vfx is bad
Too mamy characters i see this one going down after big opening
The rajamouli curse continues

by Assistant Director (49.3k points)
0 votes

Too Much Action Is Not Something That I Enjoy But It May Be 1 Time Watch For Me If Story Is Good

I Didn't Like Prabhas Dubbing In Hindi Very Disappointed, It Looks Like A South Indian Dubbed For It, Ascent Is Not Impressive, They Should Have Chosen Better

Also Prabhas Doesn't Look Good While Doing Romance/Opposite Shraddha

by Assistant Director (48.8k points)

Prabhas has himself given the voice, he wants the Hindi audience to listen to his own voice as he's targeting for a pan India superstar tag.
All his upcoming movies will follow the same track.


His Ascent Is Below Par, It Really Disappointed Me!

0 votes

Not a movie worth 300Rs ticket.

by Camera Operator (11k points)
0 votes

Strictly average although i am expecting good action thriller.
It's like any other south dub movie trailer but scale-story-action will be the key for long run.
Imo they should have consulted some hindi director like KJo farhan or Rohit shetty before to give pan india appeal.For Hindi speaking audience they missed wow factors big time....

by Producer (110k points)
0 votes

Its slick, Its massy, It is filled with testosterone and lots of it.
Game On for me! FDFS!

by Assistant Director (57.7k points)
0 votes

Better than my expectation after the teasers.

by Editor (88.3k points)

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