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+2 votes
Some say that other actors also gave mega blockbusters

76- none

77- Amar akbar anthony Blockbuster/ATB

       Dharam Veer Blockbuster

78- Muqaddar ka sikandar ATB

       Trishul Blockbuster

79- none

80- none

81- Kranti Blockbuster

       Naseeb Blockbuster

       Laawaris Blockbuster

82- Vidhaata

83- Coolie ATB

84- none

85- Mard Blockbuster

86- none

87- none

88- none

in BOI Update by Camera Operator (10.3k points)
17% Accept Rate

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Abhi UPDATE ke baad sab pata chl jyga...
Ye FOOTFALLS ke liye rona rote hai ...
Sach to ye hai kii aaj ke Actors ka Stardom he waisa nahi hai Sala BAHUBALI2 south ka movie aakr GADAR ko cross krr raha hai aur ye bollywood walo kii fati padi hai 4cr Footfalls krne me
Inka stardom he waisa nahi hai uss level ka islie to usne bola tha SRK-SALMAN doesn't has all round Popularity like Amitabh & Dharmendra...kyuki inki movie south me bhi chli thi tab jaakr itna Footfalls hote the..
GADAR ke baad 3 movie 4cr Footfalls kiya all lang. Me aur wo teeno south kii hai....
Thanks to AAMIR jisne MULTIPLEX era me BIG GROSSER diya.


Ye kya update laga rakha hai,
When will boi update?
I think the data will be mostly inaccurate ..
Boi does not provide correct data of present times,how will they provide 40-50 yr old data

4 Answers

+1 vote

prem rog, betab, ram teri ganga maili.....there may not be 4 cr but are many 3-3..5cr footfall movie will be there....nobody is saying amitabh was a small star....he was biggest among all...but giving footfall like 4-5cr is absolutely overrated... he was giving 4-5cr footfall but other actor also used to give 2,3, 4 cr was not difficult that time....but post 85 it became diffcult...big b came down to 1.5 to 2cr range while other 1-1.5cr..(i m talking about regular movie not exception) like tezab, ram lakhan mpk etc..if mpk released pre 1985 it would have done 7cr footfall

by Location Scout (3.8k points)

Prem rog are you serious no film will have over 4 c footfalls except above mentioned films Amitabh has 7 films megastardom


bhai 4cr nahi hai lekin 3-3.5 cr honge....leking yeh bhi bahot hai agar movie post 1985 ke baad released hoti to 1.5cr bhi nahi hota...

+1 vote

RTGM ka ff bhi 4cr hoga..........

by Location Manager (8k points)

BOI mentioned that some atb were due to budget but they were not mega blockbusters

+1 vote

footfalls in olden days is like viewership ...... so i think in modern day .... every event salman khan or aamir khan film goes upto i dont know 10cr footfalls as opposed to those 4cr 5cr ones..... ..... may be more...than 10cr... i mean only TV ones go upto 5cr , 6crore
and that is each time....their movie releases.....

you add theaterical, tv, digital(multiple websites/netflix/amazon prime/itunes etc etc), t.orrents, dvds, that whole thing makes those old movies look like ayushmaann khurana movies.....

tubelight of salman khan would be competing with biggest blockbusters of 70s and 80s in terms of "viewership" or the dummy term....footfalls.

by Super-star (160k points)

Right there's no logic in comparing 2 different era.
There was no entertainment option, global exposure, Television premier and digital premier.
Cinema going was only mode of entertainment, I remember my parents used to go 10-15Km just to watch a movie in their college days.
Right now they just don't care, we can get digital within 1.5-2 months, Satellite premier within 2.5months.
That's why hit movies used to run for 1-2 years.


................yup................ thats the truth..... dummies will continue to compare different era on same parameters...... and mature one's will move on.

0 votes

82 Me Vidhata....
Haa 76-90 taak 5 Akele Amitabh ka hai...baaki ko 1-1 mila bas Dilip ka 2 hai wo bhi Old Age me.

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)

what will be the footfalls of namak halal and Amitabh has 7 mega blockbusters


3cr+ Footfalls.