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Absolutely. Biggest in this era. And those who joke next gen will be bigger than them, God help these souls.

answered by Super-star (161k points)
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only srk and aamir the third one is just good for b grade stuff

answered by Location Scout (5k points)

Warning for you hello I am creepy. You've been unnecessarily targetting Salman in all your answers/comments. You wont be reminded again. Stop spamming your hate everywhere.

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1988-2000: 3 Khans Dominated The Industry
2000-2008: Shah Rukh Khan dominated the Industry
Post 2008: Salman/Aamir dominating the industry.

Show me a thing which is bigger than KHANS! A legacy which is continuing since 1988.

I am 100% sure that the stardom of all these 3 KHANS won't be shading away in the coming decade. Trust me. All 3 khans can make a movie open bumper & if content is there, then no one can stop the movie from being ATBB.

answered by Camera Operator (11k points)

2000-2008 Shahrukh And Hrithik Rule the industry. So don't given wrong data.


If you Think SRK rule alone 2000s then you are Wrong..
Decade 2000s.
1. Biggest Hit of Decade -> GADAR (leave last Decade even this Decade biggest HIT belong to B2)
2. Most Success Movie -> Akshay
3. Most Hits -> SRK
4. Most 3cr Footfalls -> Hrithik Roshan
5. Most 2cr Footfalls -> Hrithik Roshan / SRK (But HR has Bigger Footfalls)
6. Most Movies in TOP 5 of Decade 2000s -> HR / SRK (But again HR has Bigger Footfalls)
7. Most Movies in TOP 10 of Decade 2000s -> HR (5)
Many Records are there which belong to HR in last decade but He was not Consistent Like SRK ....
Srk Opening wise Bigger in 2000s but BIG HITS wise he was bigger in 90s.

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Yes.....Since Modern Era (1994)

answered by Camera Operator (10.8k points)
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Ohh Yeah!
Since 1988


answered by Set Decorator (1.7k points)
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Yes for Sure coz of statistics:
Bumper openings -
Salman 15
Srk 15
Aamir 9
Salman 30
Srk 27
Aamir 18
Salman 40/41
Srk 38
Aamir 24
Salman 10
Aamir 7
Srk 5
Aamir 5
Salman 3
Srk 2
Salman 15
Srk 10/11
Aamir 9
That sums up that all

answered by Production Accountant (27.2k points)
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Aamir Hits 18, Success 24 And Blockbuster 9

Tum Mere Ho Was Success Even In Old BOI, QSQT Declared BB By New BOI And DHKMN Will Also Be Hit (New FI Gave It Hit, Old FI Gave BB- A1 In Some Circuits And BOI Updates All Such Films As Hits)




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khans never dominated decade 90 those mega hits came due to content where as Hrithik and Akshay gave competition to srk so domination is only in this decade but srk went down and Akshay replaced him.Top 4 Hits since 2000 are gadar, Baahubali 1, Baahubali 2 and 2.0 and 3 are not from bollywood.Superstars are known by bumper initials which came for salman only in this decade so you are wrong and don't believe Nahata who can't understand difference between highest hit and highest grosser stating dangal to be the top hit of bollywood great directors are giving blockbusters without khans and they are on decline

answered by Camera Operator (10.5k points)
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First thing 2.0 is a below average so how can it be biggest hits this century
2nd thing if you are talking about hindi version which is hit though but that doesn't feature in top20 this century let alone 3


8/10 Biggest Hits Of 21st Century In Bollywood Belongs To The Khans But This Fool Is Blabbering Nonsense!

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until rest of bollywood has ranbir in it the answer will always be no sadly

answered by Camera Operator (9.2k points)

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