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only u could have asked this question....like really? anyways, you got my attention....stay happy

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I Condemn you BIG time that you have put up such a stupid question!

answered by Assistant Director (58.4k points)
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Ayesha Shroff now happy

answered by Location Scout (4.4k points)
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Ofcourse Jackie Shroff Be It In Terms Of Stardom Acting Skills Or Box Office Success!

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Haha, Jackie Shroff is a far better actor than Tiger Shroff. He knows how to emote with his eyes which he did Hero when pulled off an intense scene. Plus, can do emotional acting as well in movies like Gardish. Not mention negative roles which he nailed perfectly in Mission Kashmir. I also liked him in Parinda and Yugpurush which are one of his best performances along with Hero, Kartoos, Lajja and so and so.

Watch this scene in Gardish. Skip to 6:20 and see how superbly he acts in an emotional scene.

Tiger is good in Action but he can't act at all. It's hard to digest him in roles that you give him and his dialogue delivery is too weak.

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I never understand how are you able to give logical answers to Baazigar's retarded questions? You have some patience.

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jaguu dada...................

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People comare 40 years industry experience with 5 years industry experience. Wow what a dumb thinking......

answered by Assistant Director (42.4k points)

bhai jackey k sirf 5 saal aur tiger ke 15 saal compare karoge to bhi uske barabar nahi hoga

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tumhe is baar 5 saal ka ban hona chaiye iss wahiyat question karne ke liye...

Hero, kaash, parinda, dahleej, gardeesh, angaar, izzat, teri mehrbaniya, karma, ram lakhan, andar bahar, tridev jaisi film ke actor ko tum ek wooden face actor se compare kar rahe ho...he was first true blue macho man of the industry...

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Danny Dengjompa, lol. What a question this is? Comparing a fair actor with non-actor?

answered by Camera Operator (9.1k points)

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