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Only Some Actors are No.1 Star At BOI Ranking...

Actors and Their Huge BBs Movies  【 Adj. Nett Gross 】 when  they were No. 1 Star.



(1) Dharmendra

Sholay ->   1000cr Approx  

(2) Dilip Kumar

Mughal-E-Azam -> 900cr approx

(3) Rajendra Kumar

Sangam -> 575cr Approx

(4) Amitabh Bachchan

Muqaddar Ka Sikander -> 550cr

(5) Shahrukh Khan

DDLJ -> 461cr

(6) Rajesh Khanna

Aradhna -> 375cr.

(7) Salman Khan

Bajrangi Bhaijaan -> 340cr



These Actors has Major Roles in All Of These Movies  and  They got all These HUGE BBs when they Were No.1 Star / Superstar or Has Stardom at the Time...


These all 7 Actors Are also in TOP-8 Stars Of All Time at BOI Ranking.
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sallu also only actor in top 10 to survive on multistarrers for 2 decades

by Location Scout (4.9k points) 2 flags
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Yes he has Not a single solo Blockbuster or 2cr Footfalls movie from 1988-2008 without SOORAJ.
Its not about Solo or Multistarrer and Actors should have Popularity ..
Amitabh & Dharmendra has many Multistarrer bcoz they has done 150+ Movies..but they got credit for those HITS.
For Amitabh From 1973-1992 (20 Years) only RKAM & SHOLAY was the only Movie where he was not 1st Lead all belong to him.
Dharmendra Career TOP 2 Biggest Hit both are Multi (SHOLAY & DV) but he was 1st Lead star in both the movie.


Jealousy at the peak.

+1 vote

There are several loopholes in your credit distribution
1-If Dharampaji was no1 during Sholay and if it was all due to him then why he never managed half of that again, Same goes for Dilip kumar
PS- No disrespect to them I am just enraptured by your logic
2- look Srk became superstar due to DDLJ so how could he was the reason behind it's sucess like Bahubali made prabhas a superstar down South but will he be accredited for it.
3-Can Wanted ascribed to Salman as he was not in his peak phase then

Look I know you won't interpret what I'm saying but it's all about public approval, it's always wom.
A Superstar just escalate the business potential.
Sometimes the movie gets accepted but not the lead character, sometimes it's vice versa. Sometimes the most appreciated ones won't get credits.

So let's just don't go into that much detail, the lead character should get credit, it may not be due to his stardom but for a blockbusterous sucess you can't decode it like this.
How do you know Salman wasn't aided by mpk's sucess, I have enough proof to prove otherwise.
Is it his mistake that it was his debut movie as a lead?

by Assistant Director (40.4k points)
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Lol Srk was a chota star at the time DDLJ

by Location Scout (3.6k points)

Yh his father produced his 1st movie right


lol sallu is a non actor dont compare him to srk in nyway just good for some bhojpuri shit is he


What about maya mem ssaab which acting it was ?


Rajpal Yadav and Vijay Raaz are much better than non actor

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