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 Biggest Opening Day  Biggest Opening Weekend   Biggest Opening Week  HGOTY (India)   HGOTY (Overseas)  HGOTY (Worldwide)
1994  Amitabh/Sunny   Amitabh/Sunny   Amitabh/Sunny   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan 
1995 Anil/Srk/Jackie  Anil/Srk/Jackie   Anil/Srk/Jackie  SRK  SRK  SRK
1996 Akshay Kumar   Akshay Kumar   Akshay Kumar   Aamir Khan   Salman Khan   Aamir Khan 
1997 Sunny/Suneil/Jackie/Akshaye  Sunny/Suneil/Jackie/Akshaye  Sunny/Suneil/Jackie/Akshaye  Sunny/Suneil/Jackie/Akshaye  SRK  SRK
1998 Amitabh/Govinda   Amitabh/Govinda   Amitabh/Govinda   SRK  SRK  SRK
1999 Amitabh/Ajay  Amitabh/Ajay  Amitabh/Ajay  Salman Khan   Anil Kapoor   Salman Khan 
2000 Sanjay/Hrithik  Sanjay/Hrithik  Sanjay/Hrithik  Hrithik Roshan   Amitabh/Srk   Amitabh/Srk 
2001 Amitabh/Srk  Amitabh/Srk  Amitabh/Srk  Sunny Deol  Amitabh/Srk   Amitabh/Srk
2002 SRK  SRK   SRK   SRK   SRK  SRK
2003 Sanjay/Ajay/Suneil/Abhishek  SRK  Hrithik Roshan   Hrithik  Roshan   SRK  SRK 
2005 Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Salman Khan   Saif Ali Khan   Salman Khan 
2006 Hrithik Roshan   Hrithik Roshan   Hrithik Roshan   Hrithik Roshan   SRK  Hrithik Roshan 
2008 Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   SRK   Aamir Khan 
2009 Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan 
2010 Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   SRK   Salman Khan 
2011 Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   SRK   Salman Khan 
2012  Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   SRK   Salman Khan 
2013 Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan 
2014 SRK  Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan 
2015 Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan 
2016 Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan   Aamir Khan 
2017 Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan 
2018 Aamir Khan   Ranbir Kapoor   Ranbir Kapoor   Ranbir Kapoor   Ranveer Singh  Ranbir Kapoor 
2019 (Till Date) Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Salman Khan   Shahid Kapoor   Salman Khan   Shahid Kapoor 


● Biggest Opening Days of The Year :-

1. Salman Khan - 7

2. SRK - 6

3. Aamir Khan - 5


● Biggest Opening Weekends of The Year :-

1. Salman Khan - 7

2. SRK - 6

3. Aamir Khan  - 5


● Biggest Opening Weeks of The Year :- 

1. Salman Khan  - 7

2. SRK - 5

3. Aamir Khan - 5


● Highest Grossers In India :- 

1. Salman Khan - 8

2. Aamir Khan - 6

3. SRK - 5


● Highest Grossers in Overseas :-

1. SRK - 14 

2. Salman Khan - 5

3. Aamir Khan - 4


● Highest Grossers Worldwide :-

1. SRK - 9

2. Salman Khan - 8

3. Aamir Khan - 6


Megastar Salman Khan Leading In 4 Categories Followed By Superstar Shahrukh Khan in 2 Categories!

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will he cross dangal footfalls and give atg on stardom

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Are they ever gonna see a domination like Salman Khan in this decade....
Out of the 54 entries of his active years ... 34 are hum alone... And this is entire industry... Like there are 10 other stars in it... And he's occupying 63% of it. And if we don't count Aamir khan in it... Then percentage goes upto what 90%?!
If there was no funding the being human... Bollywood would have missed this domination ... And still the potential has not been met.

P. S. That's a very good post. Lot of work.... Thanks

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Thanksss My Pleasure
I think No one in the future will witness a run like salman.. His run is Considered as the best from the modern era without a single flop in last 10 years.. Complete Domination


tubelight is not a flop it is a disaster megastardom of salman


Abe Dimag Me Dahi hai tere jaake Funny paaji ke latest Atg Poster boys ka ReRun chalwa

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Highest Days in bollywood

aamir- Mangal Pandey, ghajini, 3 idiots, dhoom 3, pk, dangal, toh
salman- dabangg, ett, bb, tzh
srk- Trimurti, k3g, devdas, khnh, veer zaara, oso, ra.one

salman has 6 hgoty and Baahubali is the hgoty and salman was supporting actor in no entry which is Anil film

There is no comparison of srk and salman till last decade where srk was megastar and salman was not a superstar and there is only one megastar Amitabh the godfather of all superstars

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Hahaha Pointless & factless comment
First of all im talking about Bollywood films not dubbed film so BB2 is not included
Secondly here im talking about opening days, week & weekends.. Not single days
& lastly NE was anil's films same way AAA, coolie was rishi's, mks was Vinod's
Btw Funny paaji ia not in the race.. Let him compete wirh tushar kapoor

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daily kitne ghuma firake analysis banate ho salman bhai ko mega star prove karne ke liye....1-2 movie exra plus ho gaya to sidhe megastar....mega istar wo hai jo clearly dominance kare har category me...jaise BigB 1975 se 1990 tak, srk 1993 se 2009 tak....salman ka dominace period 2010 se 2019 tak hai..usme bhi amir ne 4 atbb, 4 record grossers, no. of hits me bhi akki se kam hai...

in dominance period of BigB (1975-1990) and srk (1993-2009) has most no. of hit, best succes ratio, most blockbuster, most atbb, most bumper opening, most record opening, most bumper/record opening without holiday, most blockbuster in overseas (Srk), bumper opening day, opening weekend, among top 5 opening day, top 5 opening weekend, week etc...

answered by Location Manager (5.7k points)

bhai yeh sab ab waste hai......kitne bhi new criteria open kar koi fark nahi padta....BigB dont have 2cr footfall in last 30 years...is he small star...last 2 years salman dont have 2cr footfall but ranveer singh have 2 2cr footfall...according to ur logic he is bigger than salman


Pehle FFs ka maater laya tu phir bolta hai FFs doesn't matter? Wah?

Whole career analysis dekh liya jaaye..? Srk & salman ka?
Leave amitabh.. He was greatest along with dilip & dharmendra


bhai maine dono ke best phase ka comparison kiya aur tu betuki baate kar raha hai....yahi to ghuma phira raha hai jab tere paas answer nahi hota to..
aur bhai dilip kumar se kyu compare karta hai....dharmedra se phir bhi thik hai....

whole career analysis kyu kare...HAHK, KA ke waqt salman was no even top 5 star...he was below sunil shetty...his solo opening always come below shetty's solo opening...jab apne dum per hit dene ki takat rakhta ho tabka analysis compare karo....


Same loke tiger shroff is a way Bigger star than srk bcoz he has big higher Opening day than srk in last 5 yrs?

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Even haters must feel proud to witness such a stardom in their lives

answered by Editor (88k points)

Definitely...salman haters >> many bolly stars fandoms
Now you can imagine his stardom

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