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Among them I will still choose ALR though Imtiaz has given Highway, Jwm, Lak and Rockstar but ALR makes some earthy love stories be it through his production house or directional and Imtiaz movies has been identical lately that's to discover yourself which has lesser appeal than the kind of movies ALR makes.

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zero was a good movie , jhms was a good movie..... but there were other problems
srk didn't suit in was a role for someone like ranbir kapoor.... srk can't act like ranbir kapoor..... imagine srk in tamaasha..and rockstar...can you?? everything remain the same just replacce srk with ranbir in jhms and the would be accepted....
so imtiaz ali is out....he should not work with him..... he is a master..... he makes cult classic movies.... but srk and imtiaz's style don't go well together...

zero again was a good movie.... but ENTIRE katrina's role was not necessary .... entire role...should havce been it didnt' serve any purpose other than increase runtime....
second ..... anushka was so so darn annoying.... rest movie was very good.... so ...anything like ranjhana would have been huge.... its the characters...that were chosen....was not good....

in both movies srk chose characters that he was not supposed to do.....

movies both of these were far better than HNY CE RA.ONE JTHJ RAEES..... but both failed due to characters....... while all these other didn't....

i would say srk should do a movie with anand l rai... but something like a ranjhana.....

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Hell yeah.

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I dont think they would want to work with him and vice versa.

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I think srk should retire from acting..

answered by Casting Director (16.7k points)

Haha.That’s the answer I’m expecting.

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Both make love stories which SRK should run away from. If they are willing to make a movie in different genre than yes, otherwise no.

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Imtiaz because I have liked some of his movies before, particularly JWM and LAK.

I have seen the TWM series and thought the first one was ok while the second one was terrible.

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Twm was a rehashed jwm...


@Roman: I haven't seen it.

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ALR should be the choice.

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