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+2 votes
Qayamat se qayamat tak



Kal ho na ho

Tere Naam

Rang De Basanti

in Box Office Discussions by Camera Operator (8.4k points)
13% Accept Rate

c'mon baazigar.... ishaqzaade ....really?!?! you've seen rainbow in black and white in your youth ...and you cried on ishaqzaade?? for shame old timer.

8 Answers

+1 vote

The list is good but struggling to choose with Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Baazigar & Tere Naam.

I think I will choose Tere Naam................

by Production Accountant (21.9k points)
+1 vote

i have never cried watching a movie or in real life...never got sad...never felt happy.... never felt sorrow.....for I ...Grand Wulfric Nova.... am HOLLOW..... when was a child even then i never cried.... it is a well known fact.... that when i was born ...i was dead for two days.... because i refused to cry..... and oxygen didn't go to my lungs..... .... yeah... i am the best.

by Star (157k points)
0 votes

baazigar was so so sad

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

hahhahahaa what is going on on this question...... its hilarious.... you cried on baazigar?? haha mahn o mahn.... the other day someone cried watching Star plus movie..ummmm what is it called...... yeah.... KKKG..... i hope that was not you. what is ???


lol says so a bhojpuri fan


haha a proud bhojpuri fan...and a rickshaw wala..broomm..brrroommmm".... no questions about it....but the real question is.... did you cry on KKKG ?? and if yes.... did you also cry on kabhe saas bhe bahu thi ??? which further extends..... did... you stop there or did naagin triggered your tears..... againn.

0 votes

Mughale Azam
Ganga Jumna
Tere Naam
Ek duje ke liye
Muqadar Ka Sikandar

by Second Unit Director (74.8k points)
0 votes

1 mks
2 sholay
3 deewar

by Location Manager (6.7k points)

lol..... you cried watching sholay........ what else did you cry on... watching rainbow??


nahi samaj mai aayega...................

0 votes

there are many but one that always comes to mind is Nil Battey Sannata.

that is a movie which deals with the relationship between mother and daughter, with the mother struggling to get her daughter to focus on her studies while the daughter thinks of her mother as the villain for not letting her do whatever she wants.

at the end of the movie, the daughter has grown up and becomes a big officer, and gives the credit to her mom.

when the credits started rolling, I started crying uncontrollably. I cried through the credits. maybe I just connected with it on a very personal level. throughout my teenage years I had a lot of trouble with studies, and I watched this movie after having completed my first year of university successfully, so I had perspective to look back and realise how wrong I was back then, and how much my parents have supported me through my bad times.

that movie, along with Bareilly Ki Barfi have made Ashwiny Tiwari one of my favourite directors.

by Assistant Director (53.3k points)

film daikh k rota hai ..hahaha lol what a baby....
imran...license cancel karo is aadmi ka........choosnni rakh liya kar paas film daikhte huye.... hahaha disgust me. aadmi ho k rota hai.... aur wo bhe film daikh k

0 votes

english - eternal sunshine of a spotless mind
Italian - cinema paradiso
Hindi- Kabhi haa kabhi naa

by Location Manager (6.6k points)

lol introducing pseudo intellect crier....... he cried on Italian movie....


art is universal my friend

0 votes

Only Tere naam's ending made me emotional and after that kyun ki to a certain extent.

by Assistant Director (40.3k points)

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