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Salman Khan   15  87%  73%  60%
Aamir Khan   7  71%  42%  42%
Shahrukh Khan   12  75%  50%  8%
Akshay Kumar   31  61%  38%  3%
Ajay Devgn   23  56%  43%  8%
Hrithik Roshan   9  55%  44%  11%
Ranveer Singh   12  66%  41%  16%
Ranbir Kapoor   12  58%  41%  16%
Varun Dhawan   12  83%  41%  --
Ayushmann Khurrana   12  66%  33%  8%


:: Final Conclusion :-

🔸Best Success Ratio - Salman Khan

🔸Best Hit Ratio - Salman Khan

🔸Best Blockbuster Ratio - Salman Khan 

The No.1 Actor Of The Decade - Megastar Salman Khan 👑 By a Distance | Best Run For an Indian Actor Ever 🔥 

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8 Answers

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Wen Salman started with Dabangg Ready Bodygaurd i had a feeling of hope his good run wont be like marchis ki tilli type akshay run wch he had in 2007 08 but he me proved wrong by staying for 9yrs not out.... Best run in bollywood history by any actor..

answered by Unit Manager (33.7k points)

Yep Hope he finishes this golden run with atleast 5 more BBs & 10 more hits

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Best run is of Rajesh when he gave 20 hits in 5 years and Amitabh who gave 10 blockbusters from 75-79 and Dharamendra record from 69- 79 is one of the best whereas in this decade salman don't have opening day record, weekend record or any week record he is way behind Baahubali and dangal he was not at the top in first half when aamir and srk gave atg and way higher worldwide so don't have illusion. Amitabh in 80's have 4 films which were mega blockbusters which salman failed He is way greater than salman in this decade Amitabh has over 30 Bumper openers and even more after final data only one Megastar Amitabh the legend

answered by Camera Operator (10.6k points)

@being yogesh@tom cruise main cpmpare main nahi jaana chahata per amitabh se salman ka compare movie by movie karte hai to salman amitabh ko ek baar bhi ff ya adj nett main beat nhi karta hai.

aap 10 movies main compare karo ya 25 movies main ya fir 50 movies main.har baar amitabh ki movie bigger grosser hogi. for example........

1 sholay - 12 cr vs hahk - 7.4cr
2 mks - 5.7cr vs mpk - 4.5 cr
3 aaa - 5.3cr vs bb - 3.5 cr
4 rkam - 5.3 cr vs tgh - 3. 5 cr
5 coolie - 5.1 cr vs sultan - 3.2 cr


Oo bhai Tab na internet thaa na ,na *** thaa, na VPN thaaa
Ab films rlz hone ke saath net pe aajati hai ..isliye footfalls nahi aate ..BB2 was exception

Kuch logic lgao


nahi tha fir bhi purane magazines main sholay 25 cr aur coolie 7cr hai wo bhi india today main. boi ne to AB ke movies data ko half kar diya hai. true megastar sirf AB, DHRAM, HEMA aur DILIP.


@nitesh sigh 60s, 70s aur 80s se bahar aao.....srk, salman amir are not a chillar star they also megastar...different era different ruler...u dont know the condition, advantage and disadvantage of any perticular era....and according to india today magazine krish3 did 245 cr..but u believe boi better to follow boi for all movie.....those 25cr footfalls are including rerun and television viewers...if sholay had 25cr footfall then collection should have been 100cr not 15cr in 1975 itself....

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Sab ki aan sab ki shaan
Bhai jaan Salman Khan

answered by Assistant Director (51k points)

Ooo yeah

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Salman will be like ..
You hate him or Love him ..
But you just can't ignore him ....
The true blue last Megastar of Bollywood ...

answered by Cinematographer (92.8k points)

Indeed The Modern Era's Biggest Star

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With Dabangg 3, Kick 2, Tiger 3 to follow, Salman is going to be all time Blockbuster king!!

answered by Camera Operator (11.2k points)

Hoping d same

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Comparison Should be era wise, having knowledge of all Indian movie industries I will rate Salman khan as the Biggest Megastar of Modern Indian Cinema.
There's no one near to him right now, you can troll him for his acting abilities/Poor movies but fact is he's the most loved Actor by a huge margin.

answered by Assistant Director (54.4k points)

Acting Abilities Seriously?
He's one of the most Underrated star as an actor!
I agree His movie choices from 2004-2009 was crap.. Still he made his comeback & EMERGED BIGGEST INDIAN MEGASTAR ever


Talking about naysayers


IDGAF & you should too

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Dabangg 3 all set to better Blockbuster ratio

answered by Editor (84.1k points)

Doubt it


Salman in Masala genre after a long gap


I wish him all the best but still. Not getting the vibes after Bharat performing mediocre.


Hoping the same
Dabangg is a brand

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It's been one hell of a ride for Salman. Back in 2010 to 2012, his power was unseen and on a new level altogether. He still has one big peak left imo, having said that I'm not confident on Inshaallah. Waiting for kick 2 and Tiger 3 and Rohit movie for that peak

answered by Super-star (163k points)

I too have doubt on Inshallah considering its genre & plot, hope dabangg3 does the magic which TZH did back in 2017


True. And I hope Prabhu Deva makes a Wanted like movie. Inshaallah will have huge negativity with Salman romancing Alia and I have doubts on SLB making a modern love story.


50%-60% of Wanted In Dabangg3 will make it HGOTY, Mark my words... Jai Ho Prabhu