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Today I was totally shocked seeing my account being blocked for a period of month even the fake account thing was bigger shocker than being blocked to me, By God I really don't know who the person is who made a fake ID by using my IP address but I have some doubts towards Mods and admins who are srk fans abviosly I won't mention any name coz all the admins and mods have that access to each and everyone's account without any restriction and some srk fan(Mod/admin) stolen my IP address and created that fake account even I can not call that name properly which was being rigistred to abuse Salman Khan and to praise srk.

Now come to the point, I request to all the Mods and admins plz look deep into the matter and find that fake person who tried to defame me by using my IP address
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@Zin he's spitting lies on lies. Why would someone do this much for a account?!


I observed Srk and his fans are easy target to blame every bad thing...


Tanveer why target SRK fans? Just to remind you a user by the name of khiladi mass was running 6-7 fake accounts a couple of months back. He was an Akshay fan. Making fake accounts and being a fan of any star has no connection


He was running 6 accounts even he admitted that and I am using only one single and genuine account then how can I admit of that? I use my account on my mobile only then how can some else one use my IP address to make some fake account ? I have only one account over be it Twitter,Facebook and that forum, and if I can abuse and rebuke every one and every star openly by using my own original account then why the hell I need some fake account to abuse that star? It might possible someone created my fake account using any source but i am totally unaware of it , how can some other person creat fake account using my network this is beyond my thoughts seriously and that too to praise srk, I never liked srk post 90s and Salman Khan is my most favorite since 98 , I joined Facebook in 2010, Twitter in 2011 but made official account in 2013 and before this forum I was the member of naach Ghana forum , I can not praise srk even in my dreams then how can I make fake account to do that? Yes plz do deep interrogation into that matter and find the culprit

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Welcome back bro, that was truly shocking
You are among the diehard Salman fans, I hope they find that person

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Yes I really want them to find that person

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LMAO STORY! HAR CHEEZ ke peeche SRKians and SRK lol. Stfu. We don't need extra accounts to praise SRK. There's still more praise For SRK more wider than your expectations.

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yes....sirf ek hit ki zaroorat hai fir dekhna power of srkian...

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Yeah poor Tanveer, being targeted by SRKians who want to ruin his spotless reputation

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Srkians ruining my reputation by praising flop star srk using my fake I'd abb smjay Mr hola

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Welcome Bro you are really a good user in this forum. So we wanted to you continue......

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I remember that I have been blocked for others calling me names, and I then called names too and got blocked twice. It's not about MODs being followers of any stars, it's about the rules they made, and yes, I've seen it's also about who influences the mods to block whom. There should have been forever blocked users and there should have been free users too.

We are just users, readers. They contribute and they have all rights to decide. I was blocked at the time of KGF release, because I told that KGF isn't a Hindi movie and it's not to be a sticky post. I was so angry, SRK was there. SRK is no more around, and no worries.

As per my thoughts, this forum has more SRK haters in moderators than any other stars. They hate Kangna too.... Don't know who else.

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Moderators and admins are not haters of anyone devendran. They have their choices, likes and dislikes. Just like all users around have it

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that is seriously odd.....
thats why i was skeptic.... when they banned you and that account..... framing you for making fake account....

i personally would realy like to know what happened.... how all of this happened...someone else using your IP .... made that account..hacked your ip ..to make a fake account on a forum..just to post a reply??? .. that will be interesting and odd

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