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Source Link: https://www.timesnownews.com/entertainment/news/bollywood-news/article/report-amitabh-bachchan-world-s-most-admired-indian-actor-deepika-padukone-tops-among-actresses/456037
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Karan Arjun bhi list mein hain ...

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Big B is the biggest superstar ever along with the great Dilip Kumar. Both these legends are the benchmark for others to follow

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One for Acting & one for Megastardom .....

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Undisputedly he is the most respected actor around Indian Subcontinent no doubt about that. But i dont think this foreign reports have any credibility on Indian Cinema Politics & Sociale system.

And no comments on Dipika most admired women in india.

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Nothing surprising here, Amitabh is the biggest Indian Superstar Ever and will always remain so.
The kind of domination he had during his prime can never be match by anyone,we Salman fans are blessed that Salman features in the same league of Amitabh.
That's a huge achievement, because no one can match Amitabh and Salman managed to come close to him despite a bad decade.
Amitabh is a benchmark of stardom which will never be achieved by any other Indian actor.

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No Doubt about that. He is Shahenshah of Bollywood and no one cross his stardom in near future also. He is biggest Star of Bollywood Forever.....

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Amitabh Bachchan is also there in the List of 2018 Most Admired person ...
Sushmita sen,,Srk,, Salman,, are new in the list

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They probably didn't ask people from China for their opinion.

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Koi bHi INDIAN ACTOR kii Popularity nahi utna waha except AAMIR (in Recent Time)