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Super 30 is on course to emerge a HIT film as it collected around 4.25-4.50 crore nett on its second Friday. The film has held steady from the collections on Thursday. The drop is a little over 60% from the first day which is pretty good trending.



Super 30 is facing competition from The Lion King but the target audience is different so it should come through with solid growth over the weekend. The film has to sustain with a normal trend for the next 10-12 days to ensure HIT status. The film needs a 60 crore plus distributor share and it is on course to do that at present but if the third or fourth week drop show bigger drops then it can fall short as well. 



The film is around the 80 crore nett mark in eight days and should cross the 100 crore nett mark before the end of the second week.  



Friday - 11,75,00,000 apprx



Saturday - 18,00,00,000 apprx



Sunday - 20,50,00,000 apprx



Monday - 7,00,000,000 apprx



Tuesday - 6,50,00,000 apprx



Wednesday - 6,00,00,000 apprx



Thursday - 5,75,00,000 apprx



Week One - 75,50,00,000 apprx



Friday - 4,25,00,000 apprx




TOTAL - 79,75,00,000 apprx

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in BOI Update by Assistant Director (42.7k points)
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9 Answers

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60cr plus share means it needs to top 120cr at least, which definitely will require good holds. hope it manages to pull through.

by Assistant Director (53.4k points)
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120 crores is on, mahn. 20 crores second weekend will make it reach to 95 crores. If it reaches 100 to 105 crores within second week, hopefully next 20 crores can be pulled in rest of the days the movie runs. Hope good for HR.

+1 vote

They Had Premature Ejaculation On 1st Saturday Itself And Called It Big Hit And Now They Are Saying Hit Status Will Be Confirmed Only After 3 Weeks Run LMAO

This Site Has Become A Joke, Its Not The 1st Time They Have Done This They Do Such Things On A Regular Basis And I Find It Very Irritating I Mean What's The Need For All This? Let The Film Complete Its Run Then Give The Verdict!

by Assistant Director (44.7k points)

That happens when a bunch of illiterates run a website Rancho. Their commentary is so pathetic, even class 12 kids can put together better words.


Hmm yes man


@Rancho its your mistake to understand what BOI says. BOI never says its a Hit film. BOI says its emerge a hit film. Both sentence meaning is different. And its mistake of the people not BOI.

+1 vote

How is Talaash a Semi-hit?.. It should be Blockbuster in comparison.

by Second Unit Director (77.9k points)
+1 vote

hrithik mania in the country all over again

by Location Manager (6.6k points)
0 votes

Proven all haters and Kangana fan boys wrong. Well done HR. Finally a hit after a long time.

by Star (150k points)
0 votes

Most welcome hit for HR

by Second Unit Director (74.9k points)
0 votes

Very good hold. Hope Super 30 does 20 cr in 2nd weekend. Today there will be big jump. Hit for Hrithik!!!!

by Star (154k points)
0 votes

With tax free in rajasthan and bihar now chances are even better.
May be in otger states also it will get tax free status specially in madhyapradesh delhi etc

by Producer (110k points)

On top of that i am more happy because it will cross Manikarnika and will definitely collection will be more than Judgemental hai kya


I think tax free status will only eliminate State levid tax, GST will be always there
That's not in the hand of State Govt

0 votes

great news ..............

by Location Scout (4.9k points)

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