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Bharat has more or less come to an end of its run with a little over 197 crore nett. The film was looking at 200 crore nett but there were no collections for the film post the release of Kabir Singh. The film performed best in Delhi / UP by a big margin. The business of Bharat till date is as follows



Week One - 1,68,16,00,000



Week Two - 24,01,00,000



Week Three - 4,56,00,000



Week Four - 53,50,000



Week Five - 7,00,000



Week Six - 1,00,000 apprx (3 Days)




TOTAL - 1,97,34,50,000 apprx




De De Pyaar De finished on 94.50 crore nett and did well in the bigger centres of the country. Mumbai, Delhi / UP and East Punjab all did well. The final collections of De De Pyaar De are as follows.



Week One - 56,94,00,000



Week Two - 20,51,00,000



Week Three - 10,72,00,000



Week Four - 3,54,00,000



Week Five - 2,19,00,000



Week Six - 51,50,000



Week Seven - 8,00,000



Week Eight - 1,00,000




TOTAL - 94,50,00,000

My Take:

Collection after 1st Week

Bharat 29cr

De pyaar de 38cr
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in BOI Update by Assistant Director (49.9k points)
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8 Answers

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Best answer

Bhai fans rn

by Mega Star (218k points)
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+1 vote

Waiting for Dabangg 3

by Editor (80.7k points)
0 votes

So many films of ajay stopping at 90cr bracket.
singham,raid,de de pyar de and son of sardar did 89cr.
But all the above movies are treated as 100cr club movies by trade

by Location Manager (6.1k points)
0 votes

The time Salman fans were teasing Srk by another semi hit... nw salman giving semi hits and srk dealing with disasters..

by Unit Manager (33.1k points)
–1 vote

Both are SEMI HIT..

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)
–1 vote

I saw DDPD recently and while it was a good movie, the worst part was Rakul Preet. She came off as over confident. Ajay also didn't quite suit the role. He looked old and tired throughout, not someone who a girl like Rakul would fall for.

by Assistant Director (58.4k points)

Huh?? How can he look old when the man was playing a 50-year-old in other words he played his age?? It doesn't make sense.

Age gap was including this movie in a way that a young Rakul would fall in love with him unlike some crappy character in JHMS where SRK looked so bored.

Anyway, great performance. He's good in romantic characters................................


Well the character of Rakul is supposed to be attracted to him, so even if he is 50 years old, he should lool much better. In the movie Ajay could barely keep his eyes open and his beard also made him lool very old. Who says a 50 year old man actually has to look 50 years old. Maybe if he had shaved and had a less puffy face, he would look like someone that Rakul could fall for.


Ajay was a millionaire @Mrhola


Yeah but it's clearly established that she's not a golddigger, so that's not enough.

–1 vote

DDPD should have done 100cr, I liked the movie. Bharat was a disappointment by box office standards of Salman. I loved it....should have done more.

by Star (156k points)
–1 vote

I actually liked Bharat lol although it was quite boring in parts. Good collections looking at the response ,extended weekend helped it a lot. DDPD is good film, should've done 100 cr.

by Star (155k points)

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