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Super 30 Tuesday Business
Wednesday 17 July 2019 11.00 IST
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 Super 30 was steady on Tuesday with collections of 6.50 crore nett which takes the five day business to almost 64 crore nett. The trend is good for the film and overall its a pretty good performance with the week going to 75 crore nett apprx and then the crucial second Friday.
The performance is very similar to Gully Boy if we take out the Valentines Day factor for that film. The film has been appreciated a little less in the metros but a little more in the rest as compared to that film but that rest still cant be called good. Both films are about the under privileged in the country but that crowd has not taken to the films as its mainly an urban audience going for the films. The problem lies in the story telling of both films which is unable to give them the reach of the wider audience. But its not a surprise as Gully Boy was from the director of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and Super 30 is from the director of Queen. Single screens for Gully Boy and Super 30 have not performed at all.
The collections of Super 30 till date are as follows.

Friday - 11,75,00,000 apprx


Saturday - 18,00,00,000 apprx

Sunday - 20,50,00,000 apprx


 Monday - 7,00,000,000 apprx


 Tuesday - 6,50,00,000 apprx


 TOTAL - 63,75,00,000 apprx
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Now that this stage \ hurdle has been cleared with flying colors ....it's upto war now .... Where that takes him ....

Super30 won't help Hrithik Roshan ... But also it won't hurt him ... As much as his last two films did ... Hrithik Roshan picks movies only for two reasons...
1 - good script
2 - good money

Bang bang Mohejodaro were picked for good money ...
Kaabil super 30 for good script ...

I can almost guarantee ... That war ...is picked up for good money.
And I'm sure he would have done thugs of hindostan.. if Aditya Chopra had agreed to pay him ...what he demanded...56cr

Instead he got 48cr for war ... For little less screentime than he would have had for thugs of hindostan...

He would have picked bajrangi bhaijaan ... Had it not been for making filmkraft exclusive producers ...so that's money angle there as well ...

Losing rang de basanti was ridiculous because he was being way too ambitious with that one ... He demanded that Aamir's role of DJ should be given to him .... o_O

ZNMD was good script and Agneepath was perhaps only one ... For both good script & money ...

He lost Shuddhi also because of asking way too much ....money ...

Guzaarish good script ... Again ...

So it's pretty certain ... That war won't have long legs ... So opening must go as big as possible....they NEED a dance off song between tiger and Hrithik ...

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True. S30 has kinda helped HR in a way. About War....I don't expect a lot either. Bas bang bang se better ho.

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100cr and Hit Verdict is well within reach.

answered by Assistant Director (56.5k points)
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First week: 75cr
Second weekend :19-20cr
Second week:29-30cr

Finally relief for hrithik..

answered by Location Manager (7.1k points)

May be, you tell me if it does 28-30cr 2nd week ,what would be its lifetime?


If weekend is 20cr.... that means ..32-33 crore ...week 2
17cr week 3
12cr remaining...
That's like a 140cr lifetime .... Which means excellent wom...

But i think 2nd weekend will be in 15cr range .... since wom is very good not excellent


I dont think weekend would be so less like 15cr,friday will do 4.5cr and saturday-6cr and sunday 7.5cr..will do 18cr minimum it will do..lets hope it does 125cr which is a good total for this fulm.


Yes. Good comeback for HR. Now all depends on WAR.

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110cr lifetime will be enough and a hit verdict is done. After kaabil and mjo, any HR fan will be happy with this.

answered by Super-star (173k points)

But cant bash my fav.. My Heart doesnt allow me to do so..
Lets wait for the WAR...
Hope it does 300cr ...and hope it has good script..


Hrithikain, action movies open big but content isnt good enough to take them forward. Could be that YRF has just made this movie to cash in on HR/Tiger combo nothing else. It will open big that is for sure.


Looking at jump on Sat, I though it will do 150 cr lol. Am sad now.


Sanal drop had to come. It's not that kind of a movie to have very long legs. Wom is good to very good. Not excellent or beyond. HR has got his goodwill back thats what matters. Rest now let's wait for War.

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