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That's nature's way of rewarding a guy who is so talented. Life rewards in one way or the other when it's meant to be.

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England got lucky!. That 4 extra runs

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Suggestion for ICC -

    • If you played one match each team format in the worldcup than knockout matches is a wrong thing. With this format topper team is the winner of the worldcup due to he played throughout well in the worldcup that's why topper in the table. If you want knockout matches than this is wrong format. At this condition group stage is a good choice.
  1. When 50 overs is a tied and after that super over is a tied than more boundary hits rule is a very bad thing to decide the worldcup winner. Both team deserve to be lifted the trophy and shared it. So this is also a bad rule by icc.

  2. If you want fare cricket than why you giving limited DRS. If you want to be fair game than if a player is out that means its a out and if not out than not out. But in this icc rule field umpire decision is more effectively. That' s a wrong thing. If a bowl is hitting the stumps than on field umpire given any thing the fair is batsman is out abd change the decision. If you want a fair game.

  3. If you want a fair game than you given both team same conditions and pitches. Where toss is not much important. Almost 80% matches decided in england just after the toss. That's a not a fair game.

  4. And one more thing icc giving mom and mos award always winning team. Which is also a wrong thing. If a player giving better performance than any other player in the whole match. If his team loose than gave him that award. Because he deserve it. Because cricket is a team game so one player never made winner a team.

by Unit Manager (31.4k points)

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