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As my friend TB and many more are saying Star Power was shown on Opening day and it's only wom taking over later I'm going to post my answers which are very well put by Journalist Himesh Mankad, so I decided to quote him

What has a superstar like @iHrithik added to #Super30? Well, because of his presence and reach among the pan-India audience, the word of mouth has spread like wild-fire, resulting in superlative jump on Saturday and Sunday.


There is a loyal @iHrithik fan-base, who was waiting to see him a good film for a while, and once the reports of #Super30 came out, they are going out in numbers to see their hero on the screen after so long. Hopefully, the film will sustain on Monday and put up a strong total.


I feel he gave a great answer, it's not sensible enough to not give the credit of sucess to a Superstar just because his movie was wom dependent, it's his reach which  expanded it's business potential.

Here I'm completely ignoring the effects of Flop music, Controversies, Extremely mixed response to the trailer, No Promotions on opening   

It's not a good opening but not bad also considering the above factors and HR's current low phase.
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No movie will have positive wom without likeable acting from the lead actor, and to have the great jump in the opening weekend itself a genuine star ( no PR made) star like Khans or Hrithik Roshan is needed.

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3 khans, HR, Akshay and Ajay. Rest are a joke if someone calls them stars


Even Akki and Ajay have no all round fans as they had not a MPK, Hahk,QSQT,RH,Knph, DDLJ, KKHH to reach to female (middle age) fans


They are at a lower level at a lower tier of stardom but much bigger than these new age frauds.


Other than Khans,Hr,Akki and Ajay others are pad -dational stars

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Haters logic (not tb). Sanju became a 300cr grosser due to Ranbir stardom and brillant acting. Gully boy is a success because of Ranveer stardom. Super 30 success is due to director/kids/pankaj tripathi etc etc and not HR.

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It's Hrithik Roshan's name that contributed followed by its content and pan Indian audiences. Similar to Ajay Devgn's movie Raid which had strong WOM and got a Hit in the end........................ Put these younger generations then it will get an Average verdict in those two films. We already saw this with that loser who did an offbeat movie ''ahem ahem''...... that actor who overreacts but comes across as a Govinda and Salman Khan wannabe.

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Next year that wannabe will destroy another 90s classic: Coolie no 1.

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As if movies of stars who don't had any pan India appeal don't jump on Saturday & Sunday if gets good WOM.

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A movie like S30 with Ayushmaan would have wrapped up under 50cr which it collected within 1st weekend.
It can cross Highest Grossing Movie of Akshay/Ajay (Bar GA)
It's not a extraordinary movie
It's just a good movie coupled with Stardom doing the trick.


Exactly. Really good movie but not a Dangal or a BB. Take Ranveer or Ranbir or Varun also and result would be a disaster. Plus all sections of media trashing HR for the kangana affair...the negativity. It's a big slap on faces of haters


@TB in that context De de pyar de should have collected 150cr because wom of ddpd and super 30 are at same level although ddpd has advantage of youth centric movie with good songs and better appeal.
Even For lucca chhuppi- dear zindagi etc etc...
See i don't hate or support anyone but we have to be bit more rational and realistic here...

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Very Simple.
Compare Andhadhun- Article 15- or Padman
All get good appreciation but what were their growth!
With out a brand name you will not get this much growth in very next day.
Movie has low opening because of off beat topic and low buzz but as soon as movie got wom; Collection boosted...
So HRX AND Decent wom helped Super 30.
Movie has decent wom not great or extraordinary like andhadhun so we have to consider that also...

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That is a sensible answer indeed..


Have you watched movie;if not then please book asap..
I liked a lot plus i jad some emotional connection with bihar so i can corelate with the situation.Good dialogue.Only complain-Last 15-20 min of movie...


Seen it yesterday movies is fun. Loved it. Very good movie. Could have been an excellent one though

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