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In today's era, t20 has taken over and batting friendly pitches are the norm. Two new balls has taken reverse swing out of the equation. Shorter boundaries and thicker bats, plus DRS and change in the fielding rules too.

In your opinion, what would be the wicket tally of Wasim Akram, Mcgrath, Pollock, Brett Lee, Ambrose etc in today's day and age? Would they have the same impact ?

P.S: Moronic answers not allowed. I respect these past legends.
in Non-Bollywood by Star (156k points)
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4 Answers

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In today's scenario too they still would be lethal. Their techniques & brain power to analyse the batsman was of another level. I think only Bumrah & Starc can match all time great Bowlers.

by Camera Operator (11k points)

They too can match only if they be consistent for few more years..


Yeah Suraj but then you think akram would get 500 odi scalps in today's day and age ? Nope. He would still be really good but I'd say he would settle for 300.

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Wicket tally would be same if they plays similar no of game....reason is all above mentioned except brett lee were legendary bowler with great accuracy and they have graced with all weapon...their average per wicket or SR might have increased but the no of wicket will be same or may be even more...

by Location Scout (3.8k points)
0 votes

they would run all over the baseball sloggers of today

by Location Scout (5k points)

With the new rules of two new balls too ? Plus drs and smaller boundaries ?


the likes of mcgrath akram ambrose warnie dont need anything they would bury these flogging balls nyday nytime nywhere

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Which Player Is More Successful According To You -

Opening the innings is most difficuilt task due to he faced new bowl which help bowl movement around 5-7 overs more. After that batting is easy in today's time.

  1. One player which Batting order 3rd and make runs on an average of 60.

  2. One player which Batting order open the innings and make runs on an average of 55.

by Unit Manager (37.4k points)

which format u r talking about, test, ODI or T20?


He's only obsessed with Rohit and Sachin. He wants to prove Kohli isnt good enough. In short that's what he is trying to prove.


Opening or top three slot is very good for ODI will have full 50 overs and can score as much as possible in first 15 overs after that it is difficult to collect boundaries once fielder spread and ball gets old....average batsman like jayasuryaa, dilshan (in terms of technique) used to struggle to score in middle order but now they are top century maker for srilanka ahead of supreamly talented Arvinda, Ranatunga etc..
similar case with Hayeden, Gilly, etc...Even Rohiit sachin hve struggle big time to score runs while playing as a middle order batsman but now they are super successful... All records are belong to top 3 batsman especially opener it total runs, SR, 100s, 50s, 4s. 6s, highest individual etc...


sometime playing as a opener is disadvantage also but you can make up with another game with big hundred..

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