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Telugu Hit Films of 2019 - 

1. F2 – Fun and Frustration [Double Blockbuster]

2. 118 [Own Release]

3. Chikati Gadilo Chithakotudu [Blockbuster]

4. Majili [Blockbuster]

5. Chitralahari

6. Jersey

7. Kanchana 3 [Dub] [Super Hit]

8. Avengers : Endgame [Dub] [Own Release] [All Time Blockbuster]

9. Maharshi [Year`s Biggest Earner So far]  [All Time 5th Biggest Earner]

10. Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya [Super Hit]  [Own Release] [Running]

11. Brochevarevarura [Own Release] [Running]

12. Oh Baby [Own Release] [Running]

Average :

Yatra [Own Release]

Lakshmi`s NTR [Own Release]

Falaknuma Das [Own Release]

Game Over [Own Release]

Note : All Other Releases are Failures.

Box-office Classifications

[Recovery of WW Theatrical Rights/Value]

Double Blockbuster - 200%+

Blockbuster – 150-200%

Super Hit 120-150%

Hit 100-120%

Above Average 90-100%

Average 80-90%

Flop 66.67-80%

Disaster 50-66.67%

Double Disaster <50%

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which movie is wroth watch? please any one suggest me if you seen.....

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Jersey - Hindi dubbed is coming soon.
Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya - Always good to see Navin Polishetty.

118 got good reviews. Same goes for Brochevarevarura.

I can just say avoid Maharshi (Boring), Majili (Irritating), F2 (Dumb, also it's Hindi dubbed version will premiere this sunday both in Star Gold & Youtube). Would never dare to mention the so-called sex comedy Chikati Gadilo Chitakotudu whose Tamil version was only super horrible yet the remake has been made into a Blockbuster.

But strictly save yourself from Kanchana 3. Don't believe anybody who says otherwise. I would rather make you survive Race 3 & TOH back to back than punish you with Kanchana 3.