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With Brits importing Archer from windies Ben stokes from New Zeland Morgan an Irishmen Jason Roy an african  and remaining britishers, will be  supporting kiwis over poms
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Kiwi / english who ever gets WC that doesn't bother me...I just wanted Aussies out of it.

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Kane Williamson FOR THE WIN!

I hope he wins this WC. Really calm guy. Extremely down to earth. Deserves it.

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Now waiting for new world champion

Warna fir se whi aus bn jta

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Supporting England, absolutely love the way they play the game and the way they transformed their team and their mindset & style after 2015 World Cup exit.

Understood their strengths & built a team around it and chose the players and more importantly backed the players and are in this stage.

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hope kiwis win

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Where are those people who were saying Morgan is a bad captain and Dhoni will strategize and beat this fluke of a team?

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When did that happen? Lol.


I remember Suraj saying England will be crushed in the semis. I understand the passion, I appreciate it. But logic has a place in life too.


the only logic for brits coming this far is that they have poached cricketers from all over the world into their team


Ridiculous logic, you think anyone stops those cricketers to go and play for other countries? Those players chose England and are England players and England cricket board picked best team they can, simple.

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