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"I am a cancer warrior and I have overcome it and I want to celebrate my life," said Nafisa Ali



  1. Nafisa Ali is cancer free now
  2. She is keen to get back to acting
  3. Nafisa was diagnosed with stage three cancer last year

Veteran actor Nafisa Ali is cancer free and is keen to get back to acting. Last November, Ali revealed on social media that she was diagnosed with stage three cancer and she took to Instagram again recently to reveal that she was looking for work, preferably elegant roles befitting her seniority and experience."My message was to send a greeting and say, 'I am medically certified as cancer-free.' I wanted to share it with my industry and everyone. I am a cancer warrior and I have overcome it and I want to celebrate my life. I want to celebrate that I am ok, I am not sick anymore, if there is work for me then I am happy to do that work. I act in a film once in a while and enjoy it. Acting is not my profession, it is my passion," Nafisa Ali told news agency PTI in an interview.

Veteran actor Neena Gupta had also sought work on social media, which led to performances like Badhaai Ho. "She (Neena Gupta) is my dear friend. It is amazing that she did and she got beautiful roles to act. I am happy for her," Nafisa further said.

In her Instagram post, Nafisa Ali wrote a brief introduction: "I am Nafisa Ali Sodhi and I would like an elegant role to portray in Indian cinema. So looking for a perfect script as a senior actor, I need to work to express my emotions. I will not be dictated to. May God give each of us the strength to follow our dreams."

The actor said she would love to be a part of a Salman Khan film, having worked with his screenwriter-father Salim Khan on 1979 film Junoon, her debut. "I would love to be a grandmother or an elderly person in a sensitive Salman Khan movie. When I did Junoon, I was great friends with Salim-Javed (writer duo). Salman and all were so small at that time. I used to teach them swimming. Salman is special, he is like a kid. He has a heart of gold. Mistakes happen in life," she said.

Nafisa Ali was last seen in 2018 release Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster 3. Asked if her post had led to any offers, Ali said it had but she would talk about it when things materialise. The 62-year-old actor, whose credits include films such as Major SaabLife In a Metro and Yamla Pagla Deewana, believes today both storytelling and the audiences' preference have changed.

"There are blockbuster movies but the storytelling today has become interesting. The after effects and all is good. The audience has to be motivated to see a film. Today the audience has become sharper. Today people don't want to see a slapstick, mediocre or badly performed film. People want to see good cinema," she said.


Nafisa Ali also caught up on Netflix original series Leila, which explores a dystopian future of oppressive socio-political-religious order. "I have seen Leila recently and I thought it is a very interesting perspective, of course, it is all fictional. How frightening it can be to have religious fanaticism," said Nafisa.

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Grandmother of Salman at 62 tells the story of Salman Khan's being eternal 28

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megastar does not need you to make his film blockbuster lol so picture sirf salman bhai ke naam se chalti hai

by Location Manager (7.4k points)

I don't think she would care for box office. Neena Gupta started getting roles now after she appealed via social media. She is doing the same. And what better way than being part of a Megastar film to get traction.