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Q. Will Super 30 be that big hit that puts Hrithik Roshan back among the big guns?

Sandeep Sonkar.


A. The film can be a HIT but it wont change much for Hrithik Roshan. He is one of the very few genuine stars but despite a release after more than two years it just cannot give the sort of opening that a Hrithik Roshan starrer should be giving and its not if Hrithik Roshan has 4 or 5 films a year where some are not going to open. This has been the case for a long for Hrithik Roshan starrers and a genuine star depends on that opening day figure and if a film goes to 300 or even 400 crore nett after a not so good start then the credit for the star is limited from a box office point of view.



Q. Is Shahid Kapoor a major star now. Is he bigger than a Tiger Shroff or Varun Dhawan considering Kabir Singh is bigger than their biggest hits. .

P. Udhik


A. Still probably not in the star bracket and probably a mini star like a John Abraham or Kartik Aryan though Kabir Singh probably puts him ahead of them. If we go by final lifetime business then Prabhas and Vicky Kaushal are also big stars. Varun Dhawan and Tiger Shroff are bigger stars as if you look over the last few years there films open better than Shahid Kapoor because they have a bigger fan following. Shahid Kapoor will have to prove that Kabir Singh is not a one off, that does not mean 250 crore nett films have to come as thats not happening but you cant have crap like Udta Punjab, Shaandaar or Haider now if there is to be some star status after 15 years in the industry. Also the major productions houses will probably credit the success more to the director of the film.



Q. That digital program Sacred Games is having a second part despite it being very bad and practically unwatchable. Does this mean it was some sort of success?

L. Sharma.


A. Thats why its probably done to make it look like some success. India does not patronize this sort of stuff and Netflix audience in India watches foreign programs not the sub standard Indian stuff. This is why the investment for these local serials is limited and huge prices are paid for the acquisition of films even under performers like Race or Raees. Netflix knows what is going to grow subscriber base and its not Sacred Games for sure. Its actual very good this sort of rubbish like Sacred Games goes to digital otherwise we would have to bear toned down versions in cinemas. Toned done version because they dont need censorship for the sexual, violent and explicit language content for digital and they probably think the sexual and violent content will be loved by the public. This is just a second part there could be another one but eventually when its not working it will die. This Sacred Games is like the Sahib Biwi Aur Gangster of digital as that film had three parts despite no one really watching any of the films. Of course it may be talked well off but what comes out of the mouth and actually having watchers is two different things. A case in point is a very positively talked about Gully Boy has half the business of a negatively talked about Kabir Singh. If the talk is to believed  then it should be the opposite

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but you cant have crap like Udta Punjab, Shaandaar or Haider

6 Answers

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Agree with the Shahid part. He has some time to go before he becomes a superstar

by Star (154k points)
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Above 2 Q/A are proof
That OPENING is a Proof of Big Star not LIFETIME.

by Camera Operator (9.5k points)
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Its obvious hrithik woulf have got opening if he comes up with commercial action film..
And agree with shahid kapoors answer, he has a long way to go.. He should give films which are atleast in top3 grosser, give opening day record and many more

by Location Manager (5.9k points)
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Yes sab kuch opening se pata chalta hai kaun kitna bada star hai specially agar wo release date holiday na ho to.

because holiday per mediocre star bhi superstar ho jaate hai.

by Location Manager (7.7k points)
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Agree with Shahid Version, but how dare BOI can call Udta Punjab, Haider a Crap..... Just cz U fellows don't understand dat doesn't mean it's crap....wat U cud have said is that Films like HAIDER or UDTA PUNJAB won't help Shahid BO wise as their Appeal is less, they are less commercial & especially wen U are coming after a Mammoth Pan India Success like KABIR..... audience will wait wat Shahid has to offer after KS..... & if he does another UP or matter how extraordinary U make them they will fetch U awards and at max 100-120cr but massive Succes won't happen unless a Miracle happen

So BOI.... Zubaan pe lagaam lagake baat Kar kyunki Bolne ki baat hai toh hum V keh sakte hai.... "Kutto ko Ghee hajam nhi hoti" with due respect to the Kutta Fraternity

by Camera Operator (11.9k points)
0 votes

Udta punjab and Haider crap acc to boi

by Second Unit Director (78.4k points)