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@TB I didn't just expect. I kinda knew.


How..?? Incredibles or just the fact that it's not much of a burde as Simba's voice being not being iconic like Mufasa's?


His age.

We are aware of Srk's voice & knew instantly he wouldn't suit for Mufasa. Aryan got that benefit of doubt as he's young & has apt voice for the character.

The same reason why Siddharth despite being 40 is the voice of Simba in Tamil & he is apt. I keep my hopes little low for Telugu version as Nani (35) is the voice of Simba, though Nani is super fun, slight doubt in how he handles the final parts.

The point is the tone/vocals not being too mature works for Simba perfectly. Aryan's voice is perfect. And this voice over teaser was enough to create hopes for his debut. Guess that is exactly what Srk is focusing on.


Really nice. Their voices might be similar similar, a bit intense but he definitely talked in the exact same way as his father...and considering his father has the best dialogue delivery in bollywood, I'd say that's a really good thing.

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Wow, i was concerned about him but he's excelled here, sounds so similar to SRK tgat i wonder if it's actually SRK modulating his voice and the name is of Aryan only.....but it can't be..... right?.....Right??

Also i must say SRK got sorry end of stick because of Mufasa's voice, he'll still do a great job, no doubt but that voice factor will always be there, I'm comparison, Aryan (If he's really Aryan, not SRK) got luckier, Simba's voice isn't iconic like Mufasa so no chances of comparisons and stuff.

by Mega Star (215k points)
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Now.. Now.. You dont dare this.. You dont take this away from a young man.. He is done so great.. Srk not involved.. Aryan Khan awesome alone

+1 vote

Aryan ki voice younger SRk si sound kar rahi hain.

by Assistant Director (42k points)
+1 vote

This was quite good. He has a very good voice very similar to SRK

by Star (146k points)

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